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346     TASSIN, N. Carte de Dauphiné. Paris, 1634. Beau col. ancien. Infimes mouillures. Belle impression, bien contrastée. 370 x 518 mm.

350 - 400 €
Adjugé pour 380 €

¤ Rare en coloris d'époque. Première édition. Very detailed map centered on Grenoble and its surrounding area. Beautiful wind rose showing north to the bottom. Nicolas Tassin, who was active from 1633 till 1655, was appointed "royal cartographer" at Dijon before setting up as an engraver in Paris where he issued various collections of small maps and plans of France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Maps by Tassin in original colours are rare. With a plate number 7, in upper right corner.
- Pastoureau, Tassin II A,

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347     LOTTER, T. C. Dauphiné. Augsbourg, 1770. Beau col. ancien. Bel exemplaire. 500 x 585 mm.

200 - 250 €
Adjugé pour 180 €

Beau cartouche décoratif. T.C. Lotter married M. Seutter's daughter in 1740 and succeeded him in 1756. Lotter used the copperplate of Seutter; he only changed the name.
- Pastoureau, Tassin II A,


349     SCHEUCHZER, J. J. Nova Helvetia Tab. (Partie inf. gauche seule). Zürich, 1712. Entoilé et plié. Limites et villages en col. d'époque. 560 x 760 mm.

50 - 80 €
Adjugé pour 320 €

Partie comprenant la légende et ornée de montagnes. - Scheuchzer, a Swiss mathematician, physician and geographer of Zürich. Johann Jakob Scheuchzer's Switzerland map has been considered a show-piece since its publication in 1712. By looking at the map itself and the surrounding images, one gets an excellent impression of its author and the spirit of that age. Scheuchzer was an enthusiastic Alpine researcher. He described his nine voyages through the Alps in several books and included the itineraries in his map. This publication actually lead to the beginnings of Alpine tourism, especially among English tourists. Scheuchzer also made a clear distinction between protestant and catholic towns and villages, thereby showing the two different political groups which eventually sparked the civil war by Villmergen.
- Pastoureau, Tassin II A,

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