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354     TASSIN, N. Carte de Provence. Paris, 1634. Beau col. ancien. Belle impression, bien contrastée. 370 x 518 mm.

450 - 600 €
Adjugé pour 700 €

¤ Rare en coloris d'époque. Première édition. Very beautiful and detailed map of Provence. Beautiful wind rose, scale cartouche and title cartouche affecting the form of a sea monster. Several sailing ships and a sea monster. Nicolas Tassin, who was active from 1633 till 1655, was appointed "royal cartographer" at Dijon before setting up as an engraver in Paris where he issued various collections of small maps and plans of France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Maps by Tassin in original colours are rare. With a plate number 8, in upper right corner.
- Pastoureau, Tassin II A,

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Villes Provence

357     GILETTA. Panorama de Nice. Nice, ca. 1890. Col. Bon état. 215 x 565 mm.

50 - 100 €
Adjugé pour 20 €

Photographie de la Promenade des Anglais et de l'ancien casino sur la jetée.
- Pastoureau, Tassin II A,

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