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Continent africain

38     MÜNSTER, S. La table & description universelle de toute l'Afrique… Bâle, 1568. Beau col. Bois gravé. - Wood block print in attractive colours. 266 x 343 mm.

450 - 550 €
Adjugé pour 480 €

¤ A cornerstone map of Africa and a map that should be part of any collection of African maps. This is the first collectible map to show the entire continent of Africa. Prior maps by Waldseemüller, Fries, and Gastaldi showed either the northern or southern portion of the continent. This map is famous for the medieval depiction of the Cyclops. The map also shows an elephant, and various African kingdoms including Hamarich, the capital of the famous Christian king, Prester John. Münster's map is based partly on Ptolemaic sources (the Nile begins in the two fictitious lakes), partly on Portuguese sources, and partly on Arabic sources. With: AETHIOPIA (sm. Caps) across center of map.
- Norwich/Stone, Africa, Map 3.

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39     THEVET, A. TABLE D'AFRIQUE. Paris, 1575. Beau col. ancien. Superbe exemplaire en coloris d'époque, grandes marges. Parfait état. - Fine original colours. In very good condition. 350 x 450 mm.

1800 - 2000 €
Adjugé pour 2650 €

¤ A. Thevet était le cosmographe d'Henri III. - Uncommon wood-cut map. The surrounding sea is cut in very great detail. The seas are teeming with numerous small sailing vessels of different shapes and sizes together with a number of kinds of sea monsters. André Thevet was a Franciscan monk who travelled extensively in Europe and made a reputed short journey to South America. (voir reproduction en page 2 de couverture)
- Tooley, The printed maps of the continent of Africa, 98; Norwich, 12.

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44     DESNOS, L. C. L'Afrique dressée selon l'étendue de ses principales parties… Paris, 1770. Limites en col. d'époque. Petits accrocs sans gravité aux pliures, infimes trous de ver. Bel exemplaire. - Minor tears along the folds, a few worm holes. Origin. Outline colour. Fine copy. Wall map, 4 sheets joined: 965 x 1017 mm.

1500 - 2500 €
Adjugé pour 4700 €

¤ Rare carte murale entourée d'une bordure décorative constituée de scènes indigènes. - Rare and decorative wall map including a border with vignettes describing natives scenes.
- Norwich, Maps of Africa, map 46

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46     BRUE, A. H. Carte Physique et Politique de l'Afrique. Paris, 1826. Limites en col. ancien. Bel exemplaire. 575 x 850 mm.

150 - 200 €
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¤ The areas belonging to different native tribes are shown more accurately than in many other maps at this time.
- Norwich's, Maps of Africa, Map 127.

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49     PTOLEMEE / BERTIUS. Afr : III Tab : Amsterdam, Hondius, 1618. Papier bruni, fortes rousseurs, déchirures en bas de carte. 345 x 480 mm.

100 - 150 €
Adjugé pour 40 €

Afrique du Nord et Egypte. Orné d'une autruche et d'animaux fabuleux.
- Koeman I, Atlantes Neerlandici, Ber 1.

52     DESCRIPTION DE L'EGYPTE. Edfou. Paris, l'Imprimerie Imperiale, 1809-1813, l'Imprimerie Royale, 1817-1830. Lot de 6 pl. in-folio, certaines dépliantes. Quelques rousseurs..

250 - 300 €
Adjugé pour 200 €

The first comprehensive description of ancient and modern Egypt, and the outstanding achievement of the savants who accompanied Napoleon's expedition to Egypt (1798-1801). The work is the greatest of a number of outstanding scientific publications by the French government detailing the results of exploration, unequalled by any other nation during the same period.
- Koeman I, Atlantes Neerlandici, Ber 1.

Afrique occidentale

57     BLAEU, G. Guinea. Amsterdam, 1638. Col. ancien. Petite fente en bas du pli central. Cadre. - Framed. 386 x 526 mm.

200 - 300 €
Adjugé pour 410 €

An attractive map covered with intersecting rhumb lines and decorated with monkeys, lions, elephants and native figures. With a dedication to Dr. Nicolas Tulp.
- Koeman I, Atlantes Neerlandici, Ber 1.

Afrique du Sud

58     LINSCHOTEN, J.H. van. Affbeeldinghe der custen des landts...Terra do Natal... Amsterdam, ca. 1598. Paper slightly age-toned, margins cut short as issued. 384 x 550 mm.

700 - 900 €
Adjugé pour 1000 €

¤ A highly decorative map of Africa's south-east coast, from Cape of Good Hope to the coasts of Natal and Mozambique with the island of Madagascar included. Upper left the fabled figure of Prester John sits in idealised regal splendour receiving emissaries. With elaborate title-pieces, compass-roses and lettering, engraved by Arnold van Langeren.
- Koeman I, Atlantes Neerlandici, Ber 1.

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59     LANGENES, B. I. S. Lauretij / Madagascar. Amsterdam/Francfort, 1609. Some minor age-toning of paper. Generally in good condition. 85 x 124 mm.

80 - 110 €
Adjugé pour 80 €

¤ Early miniature map of S.Laurentius or present-day Madagascar. Title cartouche on the upper right side. First published in 1598 in his "Caert-Thresoor", the plates were executed by the most famous engravers in Amsterdam, including Petrus Kaerius and Jodocus Hondius I. "The atlas set a new standard for minor atlases. The small map is extremely well engraved. The map reflect the level of cartography in Amsterdam at the turn of the century, where up to date information on newly discovered regions was readily available".
- Koeman, Altantes Neerlandici, Volume II, Lan 9.

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60     ALLARD, C. C.D. Bona Esperance. Amsterdam, 1698. Beau col. ancien. Bel exemplaire en col. D'époque. - Original colour. 223 x 278 mm.

100 - 150 €
Adjugé pour 160 €

Représente un couple du Cap de Bonne Espérance. - Published in "Orbis habitabilis oppida" (N° 59).
- Koeman, Altantes Neerlandici, Volume II, Lan 9.

61     SCHENK, P. Kabo de Bona Esperança. Amsterdam, 1702. Beau col. ancien. Bel exemplaire en col. D'époque. - Original colour. 223 x 278 mm.

100 - 150 €
Adjugé pour 160 €

Vue du Cap avec une flottille hollandaise. - Published in "Hecatompolis" (N° 85).
- Koeman, Altantes Neerlandici, Volume II, Lan 9.

62     LOTTER, T. C. Africae Pars Meridionalis. Augsbourg, 1770. Beau col. ancien. Bel exemplaire. Pâle mouillure dans l'angle inf. droit. 460 x 550 mm.

300 - 400 €
Adjugé pour 340 €

¤ There are three detailed insets : the Cape Fort, Saldanda Bay and the Cape of Good Hope, all with a detailed identifying legend.
- Norwich/Stone, Africa, 177.

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64     LANGHANS, P. Karte des Afrikander-Aufstandes im Kaplande und des Angriffskrieges der Buren. Gotha, 1901. Carte insérée dans une chemise, avec texte explicatif sur la guerre des Boers, page de couverture représentant le Général Christian de Wet. 530 x 690 mm.

300 - 350 €
Adjugé pour 50 €

Bearbeitet von Paul Langhans. Cette carte relate l'évolution de la guerre des Boers contre les Anglais entre 1899 et 1901. Elle pose en héros le Général Christian de Wet. Joint: Military map of Zulu Land Compiled from most recent information. Intelligence Branch Qr. Mr. Genls. Dept., 1879. 65 x 87 cm. / W. & A. K. Johnston's pictorial bird's-eye map of the Transvaal, Orange Free State, Natal, &c. Lithographed by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London. (1900).
- Norwich/Stone, Africa, 177.