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65     HOMANN Héritiers. Plan de la Ville et du Port Mahon et du Fort St. Philippe.. / Plan der Stadt und des Hafens Mahon .. ( Nuremberg, 1756) Limites en col. d'époque. Bel exemplaire. - In attractive original outline colours. Good impression. 455 x 910 mm.

400 - 700 €
Adjugé pour 400 €

¤ Homann's Heirs Separate publication, Nuremberg, 1756. State 1. Uncommon map of the fort and town St. Philippe and port Mahon. In upper left corner a key in French (A-Z, Aa-Bb) and a key in German (A-Z, Aa-Bb). Insets : "PLAN des Forts PHILIPPE.."[key] Erklaerung : 2-20 / "Profil von dem Fort ST. PHILIPPE." [key] Erklaerung des Profils : A-P. Port Mahon is one of the world's finest natural harbours. During the eighteenth century wars between the English and French Navies in the Mediterranean, it was particularly important from the strategical point of view. -, vol.8, Checklist of charts of Mahon harbour, map 39.

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