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66     SANSON, N./ MARIETTE, P. L'Italie et les Isles circomvoisines.. ( Paris, 1689) Limites en col. ancien. - Paper contemporarily cut till plate mark and laid down on a larger sheet of paper. Good and dark impression. 422 x 498 mm.

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¤ Map of Italy including the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, with original or early outline hand-colour. Numerous place-names of counties, cities, towns, physical features. Prepared by N.Sanson. This edition carries the date 1689 and the publishers address "A PARIS chez l'Autheur aux Galleries du Louvre."
Nicolas Sanson was to bring about the rise of French cartography, although the fierce competition of the Dutch would last until the end of the century. His success was partly owing to the partnership with the publisher Pierre Mariette. In 1644 the latter had purchased the business of Melchior Tavernier, and helped Sanson with financial support in producing the maps. In 1657 Pierre Mariette died, however his son, also named Pierre, co-published the following years.

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Régions Italie

67     MERCATOR, G./ HONDIUS, J. Lombardiae Alpestris Pars Occidentalis cum Valesia. ( Amsterdam, 1630) Col. ancien. - A good and strong impression. Paper slightly browned, as usual. Altogether in very good condition. 350 x 450 mm.

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¤ Very fine map centered on northern Italy. Mercator was born in Rupelmonde in Flanders and studied in Louvain under Gemma Frisius, Dutch writer, astronomer and mathematician. The excellence of his work brought him the patronage of Charles V, but in spite of his favor with the Emperor he was caught up in the persecution of Lutheran protestants and charged with heresy, fortunately without serious consequences. No doubt the fear of further persecution influenced his move in 1552 to Duisburg, where he continued the production of maps, globes and instruments. Mercator's sons and grandsons, were all cartographers and made their contributions in various ways to his atlas. Rumold, in particular, was responsible for the complete edition in 1595. The map plates were bought in 1604 by Jodocus Hondius who, with his sons, Jodocus II and Henricus, published enlarged editions which dominated the map market for the following twenty to thirty years.

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68     NOLIN, J.-B. Le Cours du Pô Depuis Turin jusques a ses Embouchures… Ce qui fait aujourd'huy Le Théatre de la Guerre en Italie (partie droite seule). ( Paris, ca. 1742) Limites en col. ancien. Papier légèrement empoussiéré et froissé, 2 petits manques de papier dans la mer, infimes rousseurs. Sous rhodoïd. 480 x 610 mm.

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Couvre Padoue, Ferrare, Venise et l'Istrie.


69     HOMANN, J.- B. Regnorum Siciliae et Sardiniae.. Melitae seu Maltae .. ( Nuremberg, 1740) Col. ancien. Pâles mouillures. 487 x 575 mm.

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¤ Johann Baptist Homann's well-engraved map of Sicily, Sardinia and Malta has a large decorative title cartouche. With ships in the sea and an inset of Valetta lower right and Catania with mount Etna lower left.
Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) was a German engraver and publisher, who established himself and his family as perhaps the most famous German map publishers. Following his death in 1724, the business continued under the name "Homann Heirs".

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villes Italie

70     PROBST, G. B. Venetia. ( Augsbourg, ca. 1750) Beau col. Pli central renforcé. Coin supérieur gauche restauré et redessiné (dans la légende). Entièrement doublé de papier du Japon. - Laid on Japan paper. Small tears in the plate, repaired. 380 x 1010 mm.

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¤ Vue panoramique N° 16, avec légende : 1-86. - Panoramic view, after Franz Ignaz Saur, printed from 2 plates and joined. Legends in Italian, German and Latin. A reduced copy of the second Werner panorama. - Olschki, 194