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Continent africain

10     ORTELIUS, A. Africae Tabula Nova. ( Anvers, 1574) Col. Left and right hand margin underlaid for protective reasons. Two holes in lower part map filled in. 372 x 495 mm.

750 - 850 €
Adjugé pour 900 €

¤ The title is contained in a striking cartouche consisting of a panel flanked by caryatids and strapwork. The sea is engraved in stipple-work, and features a sea-battle in the lower right corner, as well as swordfish and a sea monster. Ortelius' depiction of Africa is based on Gastaldi's rare wall map of 1564, though with modifications such as the more pointed southern tip of the continent. The Ptolemaic notion of two lakes in central Africa as the source of the Nile is maintained. Dated 1570. No sign of crack in the copper plate visible. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius atlas maps, 8.

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11     MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J. Nova Africae Tabula. ( Amsterdam, ca. 1630) Beau col. ancien. - Paper browned, as usual, split in lower part center fold repaired, not affecting engraved area. Contemp. colour. Framed. 373 x 501 mm.

500 - 600 €
Adjugé pour 610 €

An attractive map of the continent, added by Hondius when he took over the publication of Mercator's Atlas. Although it is based on Mercator's map, Hondius improved the outline of Madagascar, and named Cape False and Saldanha Bay. Richly ornamented map of the continent. Decorative title cartouche surrounded by a wreath and topped with an animal head. There are five ships under full sail. - Norwich's Maps of Africa, 27.

12     NOLIN,J.B./ TILLEMONT, Nicolas du Trallage. L'Afrique selon les Relations les plus Nouvelles… ( Paris, 1704) Limites en col. d'époque. Sous rhodoïd. - Paper slightly age-toned as usual, split along center fold, a few tears and splits upper part (5 cm into engraved area), margins and center fold reinforced. 455 x 595 mm.

400 - 600 €
Adjugé pour 650 €

¤ Attractive map of Africa, dated 1704, referring to Sr. de Tillemont and J.B. Nolin. Except for the name in the cartouche, it is really identical to one originally published by Vincenzo Coronelli in 1689. Tillemont, who corrected and amended the map, was Coronelli's collaborator in Paris and J.B. Nolin was their publisher. Nolin must have published this map separately on several occasions as it is not regularly found in atlas form. Engraved by H. van Loon. Rare. - Norwich's Maps of Africa, Map 85.

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13     DELISLE, G . / BUACHE, Ph. / DEZAUCHE, J. Carte d'Afrique Dressée pour l'instruction... ( Paris, 1819) Limites en col. d'époque. Bel exemplaire. 490 x 630 mm.

200 - 250 €
Adjugé pour 200 €

¤ Porte la mention : Garantie Nationale, An 1819. D'après la carte de Delisle de 1722. - The title cartouche is changed, a cockade replaces the Royal arms of France, and all references to the King are removed. - Tooley, Maps of the African Continent… p. 71, état non décrit.

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Afrique du nord

14     MARIETTE, P. / SANSON, N. Partie de la Coste de Barbarie en Africque.. ( Paris, 1655) Limites en col. ancien. Infimes rousseurs. 370 x 533 mm.

150 - 200 €
Adjugé pour 100 €

¤ Decorative map of the northern part of Africa with Tunisia and Libya, including Malta. Engraved by Joannes Somer. A first state with address: "A Paris chez Pierre Mariette en la Rue St. Jacques a l'enseigne de l'Esperance. Avec Privilege du Roy pour vingt Ans."

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15     L'ISLE, G. de. In notitiam Africae Tabula Geographica… ( Paris, 1700) Beau col. - A good and dark impression. In very good condition. Printed on heavy paper. 480 x 609 mm.

200 - 250 €
Adjugé pour 150 €

¤ This is a typically fine map of northern Africa by Guillaume de l'Isle, here with the address "Sur le Quay d'Horloge", dated 1700. The west coast of North America is delineated up to Cape Mendocin and Cape Blanc. Part of Europe and Africa shown. Decorative cartouches.

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16     MONTANUS, A. / DAPPER, O. De Stadt Algier. La Ville d'Alger. / De Stadt Gigeri. La Ville de Gegery. / La Rache. ( Amsterdam, ca. 1668) Traces de pliure. 230 x 325 mm.

100 - 120 €
Adjugé pour 200 €

Vue panoramique d'Alger avec flottille à l'avant-plan. Légende en français et en néerlandais : A-L. Joint : Vue panoramique de Gegery avec flottille à l'avant-plan. Légende en français et en néerlandais : A-K / Joint : Vue panoramique de La Rache. (3 pl.).


17     BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F. Tunes Oppidum. ( Cologne, 1575) Col. ancien. Papier légèrement jauni. Fente le long du pli central. - Paper slightly age-toned, split along lower part center fold, caused by oxidation of green colour. 115 x 460 mm.

150 - 200 €
Adjugé pour 100 €

¤ This panoramic view of Tunis is the upper part of an original three-engravings in one sheet. From the greatest publication in this genre. The "Civitates" was compiled and written by George Braun, Canon of Cologne Cathedral. Braun gathered together vast amounts of information and draft plans to produce over 500 city views/maps published in six parts between 1572 and 1617.

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18     BLAEU, G. Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae celeberrima… ( Amsterdam, 1635) Col. Marges un peu jaunies, infimes rousseurs. 380 x 500 mm.

280 - 350 €
Adjugé pour 330 €

An attractive map of northwest Africa and Morocco. The Pillars of Hercules & Straits of Gibraltar, and Spain are shown to the right of the map (north is to the right of the map). Blaeu credits Ortelius and his 1570 map as the source of data for this map. Spain controlled portions of this area from 1580 until 1640 along the coast at Ceuta, Tangier, and Arzilla. A sea battle is shown in the Atlantic ocean.

19     MONTANUS, A. / DAPPER, O. Arzylla of Argille. / Fezzæ et Marocchi Regna Africæ Celeberrima. / Salee / Tanger. / Le palais et une partie de la ville de Maroc. ( Amsterdam, ca. 1668) Traces de pliure. Plance "Le palais et une partie…", pli droit consolidé sue 16cm. 230 x 325 mm.

60 - 100 €
Adjugé pour 220 €

Vues panoramique d'Asilah , Salé, Tanger avec flottille à l'avant-plan. Légende en français et en néerlandais. (5 pl.)

20     HOMANN Héritiers. Statuum Maroccanorum regnorum nempe Fessani… ( Nuremberg, 1728) Col. ancien. Rousseurs. Belle impression. - Paper slightly age-toned, a few brown spots. Split in lower part center fold, 6 cm into the engraved area, expertly repaired. A good and dark impression. 480 x 562 mm.

200 - 300 €
Adjugé pour 280 €

¤ An attractive map of Morocco, including insets of Morocco (Marrakech) and Mequinetz (Meknes). Highly decorative figured cartouche top left. Also shows the Canary Islands in some detail and another inset of Madera.

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Afrique occidentale

21     L'ISLE, G. de. Carte de la Barbarie de la Nigritie et de la Guinée. ( Paris, 1707) Limites en col. ancien. - In good condition. 489 x 613 mm.

100 - 150 €
Adjugé pour 100 €

¤ A detailed engraved map of north west Africa including the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. In this map De L'Isle corrects his previous impression of the Senegal river, which he used to join to the Nile by a hypothetical line in earlier maps. He now records the Niger as "an arm of the Nile". Engraved by Inselin. Address and date changed, remains of old address still visible. The title is displayed along the top of the map. Guillaume de L'Isle (1675-1726), French cartographer, pupil of Cassini, called father of modern geography was member of the Academy of Sciences 1702 and "Premier Géographe de Roy 1718". He produced over 100 maps and atlases.

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Afrique du Sud

22     CORONELLI, V. M. Isola di Madagascar, o di S. Lorenzo scoperta da Portoghesi nell'anno 1506. ( Venise, ca. 1690) Bel exemplaire. 600 x 450 mm.

600 - 700 €
Adjugé pour 900 €

¤ Decorative and highly detailed map of Madagascar, including 2 decorative cartouches. Coronelli's map of Madagascar is one of the most decorative and sought after of all maps of the island.

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23     D'APRES DE MANNEVILLETTE. Plan de l'Ile de Bourbon, Située dans l'Océan Oriental. ( Paris, 1775) Col. Good impression, printed on heavy paper. Some light marginal water staining. 490 x 330 mm.

180 - 250 €
Adjugé pour 150 €

¤ Carte de l'île de La Réunion publiée dans le "Neptune Oriental". - French chart of the Isle of Bourbon. Prepared by M. L'Abbé de La Caille. Latitude and longitude scales, compass rose and system of rhumb lines, soundings near coast and in bay areas. D' Après de Mannevillette (1707-1780) was a famous French sailor and hydrograph. During a voyage to China in 1728 he succeeded in correcting the latitudes of many places using new instruments. Back in France he devised a plan to correct and publish all the existing maps of the route to China: the Red Sea, the coasts of India, Malaya, the northern parts of Indonesia, Indochina and China.
When the first edition of his Atlas Le Neptune Oriental (containing only 22 charts) was published in 1745, it was regarded as a major achievement and library indispensable to navigators. In 1672, d'Après was appointed director of an office established by the Compagnie des Indes for the publication of charts.

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