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Amérique du Nord

53     DIDEROT, D. Carte des parties nord est ouest de L'Amérique Suppl. carte / Carte,… des Terres Arctiques Suppl. carte 9e. / Partie de la carte du Capitaine Cluny Suppl. carte 10. ( Paris, 1772-1773) Infimes rousseurs, traces de plis. 295 x 370 mm.

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Lot de 3 cartes éditées dans l'"Encyclopédie" de Diderot.
- The maps are from Diderot's "Encyclopedie" which contains ten maps of America, Asia and the Arctic Regions.




56     DIDEROT, D. Carte de la Californie Suivant I la carte manuscrite…(164) / Carte de la Californie et des Pays du Nord Ouest (163). ( Paris, 1779) Infimes rousseurs. 295 x 370 mm.

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¤ Ensemble de 2 cartes (N° 163 et 164) représentant la Californie et publiées dans l"Encyclopédie" de Diderot. La carte N°164, gravée par Vaugondy, est constituée de 5 cartes représentant l'évolution de la cartographie de la Californie jusqu'en 1767.
- Five maps on one sheet, showing the development of the mapping of California. The map is from Diderot's "Encyclopedie" which contains ten maps of America, Asia and the Arctic Regions. The five maps, engraved by Robert de Vaugondy, are:
I. Mathieu Necrou Pecci's map of 1604 showing California as a peninsula and delineating the journey of Sebastian Vizcaino, 1602-3.
II. The central map, that of Sanson, 1656, showing California as an island.
III. De l'Isle's map of 1700 where he manages to show California as neither an island nor a part of the continent. IV. Father Kino's epoch-making map of 1705 which was finally to decide De L'Isle as to California being a peninsula and, through him, to influence all other cartographers.
V. The Jesuit Missions map of 1767 which is an update of Father Kino's map. / Diderot's famous 2 on 1 map showing the two early mappings of the west coast of North America, the first after Visscher, the second after Plancius' World map. Both show the Straits of Anian, Quivera, Baja and a similarly projected east-west coastline. The larger map includes more detail along the coastline and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as well as a truer orientation of Baja California. Diderot's map were one of the first surveys of comparative cartography, tackling a number of the early misconceptions of the west coast of North America and the North-eastern Asian Coastline. - Schwartz & Ehrenberg, plate 76.

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57     KITCHIN, Th. Mexico oder Neu Spanien zu Campens Entdekkung von America. ( Londres, ca. 1786) Infimes rousseurs. - A few brown spots, with folds as issued. 280 x 380 mm.

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¤ From Robertson's "Geschichte von America". German version of Kitchin's map with an inset of Mexico City.

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Nouvelle Angleterre


59     ROBINSON, H.R. The Government House. ( New York, 1847) Lithographie imprimée en couleurs. La litho est un peu frottée, les coloris sont passés. Nombreuses restaurations en différents endroits. En l'état. - Lithograph in colours. Unfortunataly image shaved on various places and repair of several splits, laid down on paper. Sold as is. 410 x 520 mm.

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¤ Lithographie d'après un dessin original de C. Milbourne, réalisé en 1797.
- The Government House, New York, 1797, lithograph printed in colours by Willimam Ells and published by H.R. Robinson, 142 Nassau Street, New York, 1847.
The image was originally drawn by C. Milbourne in 1797.
Underneath the print a historical description : This office was erected 1790, at the foot of Broad Way, facing the Bowling Green. It was originally designed for the Residence of Gen.l Washington (then President of the United States,) but the Capitol being removed, he never occupied it. It then became the Governor's House; and was the residence of Governors George Clinton and John Jay. The building was subsequently used for the Cust... from the year 1799, until 1815, when it was taken down.

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61     JANSSON, J. Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae. ( Amsterdam, 1645) Beau col. ancien. Rousseurs, léger offset de la partie gauche sur la moitié droite, le cul-de-lampe du verso transparaît dans la partie droite, petite fente marginale en bas du pli central. - Slightly browned and with offsetting, some shinetrough of the vignette on verso. Orig. col. 385 x 505 mm.

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¤ Well known map of the Southeast extending from the southern part of Virginia to northern Florida. This is the first state of Jansson's map which is virtually identical to Blaeu's map of 1638. Cartographically it improves on the Hondius map of 1606, on which it was derived.
The map depicts the English and French colonial interests in the region as depicted by their respective Royal coat of arms and several new colonies are noted. At the southern end of the Appalachians is a note concerning gold and silver mines.
Richly decorated with a large cartouche flanked by Native Americans, compass roses, and galleons. German text on verso. - Burden, North America, 254, state 1

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64     JANSSON, J. Nova Hispania et Nova Galicia. ( Amsterdam, 1647) Beau col. ancien. Quelques rousseurs, papier légèrement jauni. - Paper slightly age-toned, a few brown spots. 348 x 484 mm.

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¤ Based on Ortelius's map of 1579 which became the basis for many of the seventeenth century maps of the area. French text on verso.

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