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villes Belgique


116     SEUTTER, M. Novissima Ichnographica Delineatio... Ostendae. ( Augsbourg, ca.1730) Col. ancien. Fortes mouillures sur la partie gauche, quelques taches brunes. - Some water staining on the left half of the map. 490 x 580 mm.

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¤ Panorama d'Ostende surmonté du plan de la ville.
- A large scale plan of the city of Ostend surrounded by walls and moats. A numbered or lettered key to thirty-four sites identified both in German and in Latin. There are uncoloured engravings below the map; the larger is a panoramic view of Ostend seen from the sea; the two smaller are allegorical scenes. - Fauser 10 338.

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118     DANCKERTS, Th./ L'ISLE, G. de / DEZAUCHE / BERNARD. Accuratissima Rheni Inferioris Mosae et Mosellae Tabula.. / Carte des Provinces Unies des Pays Bas..[2] / Provinces des Pais Bas.. ( Amsterdam/Paris, 1660-1737-1788) Limites en col. ancien. La carte de Danckerts est entoilée, le papier un peu gris. - Maps are a bit age-toned but generally dark impressions. [Lot de 4 cartes].

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Danckerts' map of the rivers Rhine, Maas and Waal is printed on two sheets and is laid down on linen (985x578mm.) The two identical maps of the present-day Netherlands are later issue of De L'Isle's map of the Netherlands. Engraved by Lièbaux le fils. According to the cartouche also information of Cassini and Snel van Royen was used. With the address of Ph. Buache, dated 1788. (470x610mm.)
Map of present-day Belgium was prepared by Nicolas de Fer, and re-issued by Bernard, dated 1737. (455x610mm).

provinces Pays-Bas


120     LE ROUGE, G.L. La Zelande avec une partie de la Flandre Hollandoise. ( Paris, 1747) Limites en col. ancien. Papier légèrement jauni le long de la pliure médiane. Infimes rousseurs marginales. 462 x 555 mm.

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¤ Belle carte de Zélande.
- Fine map of Zeeland by George Louis Le Rouge, who was active from 1740- till 1780 as a publisher and was appointed engineer for the King of France.
From his Atlas Nouveau Portatif à l'usage des militaires et du voyageur… The atlas was dedicated to le Comte de Maurepas, and was sold by Le Rouge, Prault, Robinot and Briasson in Paris.

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