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59 VON REILLY, F.J.J. Karte von der Inselwelt Polynesien. Vienne, 1795. Col. d'époque. Pâles mouillures en marge. A toutes marges. - Wide margins. 460 x 635 mm.

850 - 900 €
Adjugé pour 800 €

¤ An attractive map of Australia, S.E.Asia, New Guinea and New Zealand showing the tracks of several explorers including those of Cook's three voages. Australia and New Zealand are charted according to the discoveries of Cook. Tasmania still shown as a part of the mainland. This map based on Daniel Djuberg's map of 1780. New Guinea is shown as two islands. The tracks of several explorers are indicated including Tasman, Bougainville, Quiros, Mendana, Schouten and Le Maire and Magellan. Australia is named using the Maori term "Ulimaroa", as in Djuberg's map. Polynesia. With a decorative title cartouche in the upper right-hand corner. Engraved by Kilian Ponheimer. Franz Johann Josef von Reilly (Vienna 18 august 1766 - 6 july1820) was active as geographer, journalist, book and art dealer. In 1792 he created his "geographical Komptoir" and was extremely prolific, producing no less than 830 maps. In 1796 he published his large "Deutscher Atlas" which was the first world atlas produced by an Austrian. - Phillips, 2845; Dörflinger, Atlantes Austriaci I, 83 ff

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