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1 MÜNSTER, S. Holland. Bâle, 1560. Coloured. A wood block print. Right margin cut close. 205 x 238 mm.

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2 ORTELIUS, A. Zeelandicarum Insularum. Anvers, 1573. Original colours. 337 x 463 mm.

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The representation of the various islands is exceptionally good for the period. There is no trace of a road-system yet. The map is prepared by Jacob van Deventer in 1545.

3 ORTELIUS, A. Brabantiae Germaniae Inferioris. Anvers, 1574. In original colours. Some discolouration and minor centerfold repair, hardly notable. centerfold underlaid mainly for protective reason. 364 x 500 mm.

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Based on a map by Jacob van Deventer, by order of King Charles V. Jacob van Deventer was one of the first cartographers of the Southern Netherlands. He was famous for his exact surveys for maps and plans and may be considered one of the founders of cartography. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 65

4 ORTELIUS, A. Persici sive Sophorum Regni Typus. Anvers, 1574. In attractive original colours. Some discolouration and re-inforcement along centerfold, hardly notable. 343 x 494 mm.

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The map includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caspian Sea and the north eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula including United Arab Emirates and Oman. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 167

5 ORTELIUS, A. Septentrionalium Regionum Descrip. Anvers, 1574. In original colours. In good condition, printed on heavy paper. 365 x 490 mm.

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This influential map of the Arctic, including Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and part of the North American continent, includes also the legendary islands of i.a. Drogeo, Frisland and Icaria. Ortelius' map shows also the influence of the work of earlier authorities: Mercator's 1569 world map, the infamous 1558 Zeno map of the north, Olaus Magnus' map of the northern regions and the Carta Marina of 1539. There is a good outline of the Scandinavian coast, bordering the Mare congelatum, the frozen waters of the Arctic. Aterse note on the nature of the cliffs at Nordkapp is given. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 160.

6 BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F. Bruxella. Cologne, 1580. Coloured. 330 x 475 mm.

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A bird's-eye-view of the town. From the greatest publication in this genre!. The "Civitates" was compiled and written by George Braun, Canon of Cologne Cathedral. Braun gathered together vast amounts of information and draft plans to produce over 500 city views/maps published in six parts between 1572 and 1617. Most of these engravings were made by Simon Novellanus and Frans Hogenberg, many after drawings by Joris Hoefnagel.

7 ORTELIUS, A. Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris. Anvers, 1580. Coloured. Small repair lower part centerfold. 386 x 508 mm.

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The oval map is surrounded by a strapwork frame and the title, adorned with ribbons, is held aloft by two winged cherubs.

8 ORTELIUS, A. Asiae nova descriptio. Anvers, 1580. Original colours. Slight discolouration along neatline and in margin. Printed on heavy paper. 370 x 485 mm.

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Ortelius' fine map of Asia well represents the continent at a time when Europeans were expanding their power in the Far East. The Indian subcontinent and Malaysian peninsula are easily recognisable. Ceylon and Sumatra are correctly placed, though their shape leaves something to be desired. The Philippines are distorted and Japan is too far north and incorrectly orientated, with the embryonic outline of the three main islands and with the Ryukus and Taiwan appearing as a tail of islands to the south of the archipelago. - Cortazzi, plate 19; OAG, plate 10c.

9 WAGHENAER, L.J. Beschrijvinghe der Zee Custen Vant Landt van Argarbe. Amsterdam, 1584. Original colours. Reinforced margins. 326 x 510 mm.

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The chart appeared in the first sea chart book, the Spieghel der Zeevaart, the first volume of which appeared in 1584. The Spieghel outranked all other rutters of the period to such an extent that for hundreds of years all rutters were called waggoner.

10 MERCATOR, G. Brabantia, Gulick et Cleve. Duisburg 1585. Original colours. In very good condition. 343 x 460 mm.

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The full colouring of the different areas with the borderlines in the same colour, only slightly darker, is typical of the 16th century.

11 DE JODE,G. Germania Inferior. Anvers, 1593. Uncoloured. Minor discolouration of centerfold; on the whole in excellent condition. 345 x 435 mm.

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Includes the Netherlands, Belgium and part of northern France as well as a strip of Western Germany: Bremen and Frankfurt am Mainare also shown. Like all de Jode maps: scarce and much sought after.

12 LINSCHOTEN, J.H. van. Exacta & accurata.. regionibus China, Cauchinchina, Camboj Amsterdam, 1596. Original colours. 385 x 518 mm.

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"...the Far East and the Malay Archipelago are represented in such detail as was known only to the Portuguese at that time and had never before shown on a printed map." (Schilder) The distinctive shape of Japan here is found only on portolanos of the period. The map is also one of the earliest to focus closely on the Philippines. The map is a splendid engraving with decorative details such as several animals in China, two fine compass roses and several whales and ships. Reference: Cortazzi, Isles of Gold, Cortazzi, Isles of gold, plate 22; Schilder Australia unveiled, Map 18; Quirino, Philippine Cartography pp.27,77.

13 ANONYME. Caarte ofte Afteekening van de Rivier de Merwede Van Goriche abt.1600. Uncoloured. 525 x 625 mm.

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14 Dépôt de la Marine. Neptune des Côtes Occidentales de France. Paris, 1600. Limites en col. ancien. Grand in-folio de (2) ff. et 47 cartes. Demi maroquin rouge, dos plat orné d'ancres, de fleurs de lys et de liserés dorés, plats recouverts de papier maroquiné rouge, dentelle encadrant les plats. Plats, coins et coiffes frottés, coupes inf. abîmées (reliure de l'époque). 1 f. n. ch. Page de titre. Table des Cartes et Plans. 39 et annonce manuscrite de 5 cartes supplémentaires. 710 x 540 mm.

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¤ Atlas illustré d'un titre manuscrit, d'un f. de table et de 47 cartes simples ou doubles. Les cartes figurent les côtes occidentales de France ainsi que le Pays basque espagnol et la région de Santander.
Les cartes contenues dans l'atlas ne correspondent pas complètement à la table des cartes, certaines manquent, d'autres ont été ajoutées. Certaines sont coloriées.
Liste des cartes :
(sans N°) Mappemonde ou carte réduite des parties connues du globe pour servir au voyage de la Pérouse (hors tables et plans).
1 (57) Carte générale de l'Océan atlantique ou occidental… Publié par ordre du Ministre pour le service des vaisseaux français en 1786. 8e édition.
2 (42) Carte réduite de la Manche… 1798. Nouvelle Edition de l'An 1802.
3 (58) Carte réduite du Golfe de Gascogne… 1790.
4 (59) Reconnoissance hydrographique de la Côte Nord de France… En vendémiaire An XI. Coloriée.
5 Reconnoissance hydrographique de la Côte Nord de France, Rade de Dunkerque. Septembre 1802. Coloriée.
6 Dunkerque. S.L.N.D. Coloriée.
7 Côtes de France : département du Pas-de-Calais. Dépôt des Cartes et Plans, An Ier.
8 Côtes de France : départements du Pas de Calais et de la Somme… 1776 par La Couldre-La Bretonnière-Mechain. Service des Vaisseaux. 1792.
9 (64) Côtes de France : Départements de la Somme et de la Seine Inférieure. 1797.
10 (65) Côtes de France : Département de la Seine Inférieure. 1792.
11 (66) Côtes de France : Département du Calvados. 1792.
12 (76) Côtes de France : Département de la Manche. 1792.
13 Côtes de France : Départemens de la Manche et d'Île et Vilaine. 1792.
14 Carte générale des Costes de Bretagne. Observations des marées.
15 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne depuis Granville jusques au Cap de Frehel.
16 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne depuis le Cap de Frehel jusques à Perros.
17 (23) Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne qui comprend Morlaix, sept Isles.
18 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne, Morlaix : manquante.
19 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne depuis l'Anse Goulven jusqu'à l'Isle d Ouessant.
20 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne contenant les environs de la rade de Brest.
20-2 Carte particulière des Côtes de France (partie septentrionale du chenal du Four). 1822.
20-3 Carte particulière des Côtes de France (entrée de la Rade de Brest). 1822.
20-4 Plans des environs d'Argenton et de Laberildut, 1818 et 1816.
20-5 Plan de la Chaussée des Pierres Noires… 1816 et 1818… M. Beautemps-Beaupré. 1822.
20-6 Plans des Ports du Conquet et de Camaret, 1816.
20-7 Plan du Goulet de Brest. 1822.
20-9 Plan des Passages du Toulinguet… 1816 et des environs du Cap de la Chèvre. 1816. (hors table des Cartes et Plans)
20-10 Plan des environs de Douarnenez. 1817. (hors table des Cartes et Plans)
21 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne depuis la Baye d Hodierne jusqu'à l'Isle de Groa.
22 Plan du Port Louis et le L'Orient.
23 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne depuis l Isle de Groa jusqu'au Croisic.
24 Carte particulière des Costes de Bretagne qui comprend Lentrée de la Loire et l'Isle de Noirmoustier.
25 Carte des Costes de Poitou, d'Aunis et Saintonge.
26 Carte des Isles de Ré et d Olléron… Sr Bellin.
27 Plan de l'embouchure de la Gironde… 1812 et 1813 par A. M. A. Raoul, Neptune de la Méditerranée.Coloriée.
28 Rivière de Bordeaux. 1812 et 1813. Coloriée.
29 Plan du Bassin d'Arcachon. 1817.
30 Plan de la Fosse de Cap-Breton, levé en 1815 par M. Depoge Capitaine de Frégate.
31 (85) Carte réduite des Côtes de France depuis l Île d Oléron jusqu au Bassin d'Arcachon. 1818.
32 Carte réduite des Côtes de France depuis le Bassin d'Arcachon et d'Espagne. 1818.
33 Plan de la Baye de St Jean de Luz. 1818.
34 Port du Passage. 1793.
35 Baie Port et Ville de St Sébastien. 1793.
36 (110) Côtes d'Espagne : Guipuzcoa, Biscaye et pays des Quatre Villes. 1793.
37 Anse et Barre de Bilbao. 1795.
38 Port de Santona. 1793.
39 Port de Santander. 1793

15 MIGEON Atlas: La France Et Ses Colonies. Paris, 1600. Original colours. Binding is full morocco; front cover and spine are detached from pages, which are loose. 400 x 500 mm.

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Atlas by Migeon Includes 105 maps, including all the Departments of France. Maps are hand coloured, with vignettes embellishing each page. There is an accompanying page of text with each map. The atlas also includes a large foldout European railroad map (with small tears at folds), 3 maps of Paris, and maps of Algeria, Iran, French Africa, Guadeloupe, and India. Individual pages and maps are in overall excellent condition.

16 OKADA GYUKUZAN, OKA YUGAKU, OHARA TOYA MINSEI Morokoshi Meisho Zue [Illustrated Description of Famous Sites of China]. Osaka, Kawachiya Kichibei, Bunka, year of the tiger, 1600. Original yellow paper wrappers with title labels, preserved in a modern protective case, not foliated. Very fine copy. 225 x 180 mm.

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Very rare first edition, of the famous places of Qing dynasty in China, edited and illustrated by the Japanese artists Okada Gyokuzan (1737–1812); Oka Yugaku (1762–1833); and Ohara Toya (1771–1840). Xylographic printing on mulberry paper. Text in Sino-Japanese with Japanese reading marks facilitating Japanese reading. The work is extensively illustrated with about 250 full-page woodcuts of which about 170 on double-page.
This work reflects the immense veneration of the Japanese educated classes towards Chinese culture.
This informative work is illustrated with historical and legendary scenes, topographical views, palaces, archaeological and sacred sites. A map of China and Korea is included as well as many city plans, for example of Peking, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall and its gates. Further there are illustrations of costumes, astronomical and musical instruments, the five holy Buddhist mountains, maps of major cities as well as the various provinces of the Qing Empire (1644-1912). Historical events and details from the classical literature are extensively explained. Many illustrations are related to the every-day life of the people, costumes, fire-arms.
Chinese musical instruments and astronomical instruments, imported or made by the Jesuits are also displayed.
The description of the cities refers to their architecture and archeological vestiges. Amongst the most interesting illustrations, let us mention a full map of the Qing Empire of China, a map of Korea, another map of Peking, the Forbidden Imperial City with its impressive entrance gates, the imperial seals, the astronomical observatory of Peking established by the Jesuits Johann Adam Schall and Ferdinand Verbiest, the fascinating Great Wall with its numerous military observation posts. See also : Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Western Travelers in China Discovering the Middle Kingdom (2009), no. 54.

H. Kerlen, Catalogue of the Pre-Meiji Japanese Books and Maps in Public Collections in the Netherlands, 1996, Gieben, n°1077. E. Kraft, Japanische Handschrift und Traditionelle Drucke aus der Zeit vor 1868, Vol. 1., 1982, n°511 and Vol. 2., n°360.

17 SEUTTER, M. America Meridionalis. Augsbourg, 1600. Uncoloured. 195 x 255 mm.

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An attractive map with a decorative title cartouche.

18 SAILLIETH,M. De Reede van Batavia. Amsterdam, 1604. Uncoloured. 178 x 284 mm.

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Ships and sloops. An interesting picture.

19 MERCATOR, G./ HONDIUS, J. India Orientalis. Amsterdam, 1606. Coloured. With full centerfold repair. A few marginal worm holes repaired. Altogether a good and dark impression. 355 x 487 mm.

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¤ Published in Hondius' editions of the Mercator Atlas from 1606 onwards, showing the Indian subcontinent, the Malay Peninsula, Siam and Cambodia, China and the Philippines, and parts of Sumatra and Borneo. Many of the place names reflect Portuguese activity throughout the region. The decorative detail includes a large sea monster and an oriental junk in the Bay of Bengal. One of the most interesting and unusual features of the Southern Malay peninsula is its dissection in two, the southern part becoming an island just south of Malacca where it is separated from the rest of the peninsula by a large north-easterly channel.

20 HONDIUS, J. Fessae et Marocchi Regna. Amsterdam, 1607. In attractive original colours. A strong impresion. Mint! 356 x 481 mm.

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One of the new maps added by Hondius, when he took over publication of the Atlas, a finely engraved and decorative map of north-west Africa, with the Canaries. With an inset of the island of Penon de Veles. - V.d.Krogt/Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol.I, 8615:1A.

21 ORTELIUS, A. Brabantiae Descriptio. Anvers, 1592-1612. In original colours. A fine copy in attractive original colouring. From a rare Spanish text edition. 368 x 473 mm.

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In an inset Mechelen and surroundings. Decorative scale and title cartouche with dedicational initials which may refer to Laurentius Michaelis who may be connected with the Mechelen inset map. Page number on verso is "43"; Marcel v.d.Broecke does not mention a Spanish text edition with this page number. Milestone map of the region.

22 ORTELIUS, A. Hollandiae Antiquorum. Anvers, 1570-1612. Original colours. In good condition. From a rare Spanish text edition. 354 x 482 mm.

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This map was published by Ortelius on the basis of the map drawn by Jacob van Deventer in abt. 1550. In the Spanish text on verso Ortelius marvels that such a small country produces such prodigious amounts of milk and of cheese whch is known all over Europe. Very fine original colours. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 79.

23 VISSCHER, C.J. Groninga Dominium. Amsterdam, 1621. Original colours. Slight age toning. 373 x 485 mm.

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The date of 1621 is engraved in the plate.

24 VISSCHER, C.J. Ultraiectum Dominium. Amsterdam, 1624. Original colours. Slight age toning. 370 x 480 mm.

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In the top in an inset a panorama of the town of Utrecht.

25 VISSCHER, C.J. Geldria et Transysulana. Amsterdam, 1626. Original colours. Slight age toning minor water staining in bottom margin. 375 x 492 mm.

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The date of 1621 is engraved in the plate.

26 VAN KEULEN, G. Nieuwe Wassende Graade Zee Kaart over de Spaanse.. Amsterdam, 1628. Coloured. Printed from two plates. Repair of a tear next to crossing of two folds, hardly notable. 583 x 975 mm.

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¤ Engraved by I.van Anse. A very representative example of a Dutch sea-chart of the Atlantic, showing the north-east coast of America, the coasts of Africa and Europe and South America, including Florida and the West Indies. Gerard issued ca. 40 charts of this exceptionally large format. Collections of these large-size charts were issued in the shining sea-torch and as separate atlases. Title in Dutch, French and English. North America from Labrador to West Florida, including New Foundland, the Gulf and River of St.Laurence eastward to include the five Great Lakes which have a most unusual configuration. The Bahamas, Bermuda, West Indies, etc. are also shown, and to the east, the opposite coastline of Europe. - Koeman: Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol.IV, (212).

27 HONDIUS, H. Novissima et Accuratissima Brabantiae Ducatus Tabula. Amsterdam, 1629. In attractive original colours. Paper slightly age-toned as usual. Repair of split lower part centerfold, hardly notable. Generally in good condition. 393 x 498 mm.

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North is to the right. Like all other maps of Brabantiae Ducatus, it encloses the area between the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt, with Namur as the most southern town. On the right-hand side the heraldic arms of Brabant, on the lower right-hand side a cartouche embellished with the figure of Atlas.

28 COLOM, J.A. Rhinlandia Amstellandia. Amsterdam, 1635. Uncoloured. 155 x 230 mm.

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29 VISSCHER, C.J. Tabula Ducatus Brabantiae. Amsterdam, 1635. Original colours. Slight staining. Margins cut close. 473 x 552 mm.

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The North is orientated to the right side of the map. On the lower left a cartouche decorated with the heraldic arms of Brabant and the title. On the lower right a cartouche decorated with a male figure with fish and compasses.

30 HONDIUS, H. Ducatus Limburg. Amsterdam, 1639. In attractive original colours. Paper slightly age-toned, as usual. Repair of split lower part centerfold, hardly notable. Generally in good condition. 385 x 488 mm.

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In 1616 prepared by Aegidio Martini. Includes the towns of Maastricht as well as of Aachen. A very large title cartouche with two putti.

31 BLAEU, G. Transiselania Dominium vernacule Over-Yssel. Amsterdam, 1640. Original colours. Very minor age-toning. Good impression. 413 x 520 mm.

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Map of Overijssel and Drente. Oriented west at the top of the sheet.

32 BLAEU, G. Brabantia Ducatus. Amsterdam, 1640. Original colours. In mint condition. Wide margins. Town spots and cartouche heightened with gold. 380 x 497 mm.

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West is at the top. On the lower left a magnificent cartouche with a sitting female figure carrying a globe and compasses and the coat of arms of Brabant. Like all other maps of Brabantia Ducatus, it encloses the area between the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt, with Namur as the most southern town. Mint.

33 HONDIUS, H. Artesia Comitatus. Amsterdam, 1640. Original colours. water stains in right margin. Some discolouration in the engraved surface caused by oxidation of green colour. 373 x 485 mm.

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34 VISSCHER, C.J. Comitatus Zutphania. Amsterdam, 1643. Original colours. Slight age toning repair of lower part centerfold. In attractive original colouring. 374 x 490 mm.

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In an inset a plan of the town of Zutphen.

35 BLAEU, G. Archiepiscopatus Magdeburgensis et Anhaltinus Ducatus. Amsterdam, 1647. Original colours. centerfold slightly creased. 375 x 495 mm.

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36 BLAEU, G. Taurica Chersonesus. Amsterdam, 1647. Original colours. 380 x 500 mm.

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37 BLAEU, G. Territorium Abbatiae Herefeldensis - 't Stift Hirszfeldt. Amsterdam, 1647. Original colours. 385 x 502 mm.

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Attractive, clean copy.

38 SANSON, N. Amérique Septentrionale. Paris, 1650. Original colours. Repair of split 8cm into lower centerfold a hole with a diameter of 1cm. expertly underlaid. 2 Brown spots. 390 x 555 mm.

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Second state with Lake Ontario added. The earliest separate map of North America printed in France. A fine representation of the continent on a sinusoidal projection (Sanson-Flamsted projection). The map was first published separately, and then again as part of Sanson's "Cartes Générales de Toutes les Parties du Monde" in 1658. Printed at the address of Sanson's friend and partner, Pierre Mariette. The earliest printed map to depict all five Great Lakes and to name Lake Superior and Ontario. The earliest map to extend the geography of northern Canada west of Hudson's Bay. A prototype for the mapping of California as an island, showing it with a flat northern coast known as the "first Sanson model". - Karpinski, Maps Depicting North America VII

39 SANSON, N. Les Isles Molucques; Celebes, Gilolo.. Paris, 1658. Original o/l colour. A good and dark impression. 190 x 249 mm.

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40 SANSON, N. Les Isles de la Sonde entre lesquelles sont Sumatra, Java.. Paris, 1658. Original o/l colour. Margins slightly stained. A good and dark impression. 192 x 249 mm.

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The title is within a decorative cartouche flanked by swags of fruit. The islands of Sumatra, Java and Borneo in full, together with part of those adjacent and includes the Malayan peninsular with Singapore shown as 'Sincapura'.

41 WIT, F. de. Nova Europae descriptio. Amsterdam, 1660. Coloured. Repair of split lower part centerfold 4cm into engraved area, hardly noticeable. 439 x 557 mm.

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Four panels in columns on each side show portraits of Kings and Queens of European countries. The top border contains panoramas of Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Seville and Prague. This fine and decorative map is particularly uncommon and was replaced in de Wit's atlases by a much more plain, although more detailed, less distinguished map.

42 BLAEU, J. Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae, et Regionum.. Amsterdam, 1664. Original colours. 432 x 523 mm.

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Part of Russia with in the north Smolensk and Moscow.

43 GOOS,P. Cust van Hollant tusschen de Maes ende Texel. Amsterdam, 1669. Coloured. Repair of centerfold in bottom margin not affecting the engraved surface. 425 x 534 mm.

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Uncommon chart of the coast of Holland, including the southern tip of Texel. East at the top. Two fine compass cards, soundings and a large "Bree Veerthien" offshore.

44 JANSSONIUS V.WAESBERGHE,J Flandriae Teutonicae pars Orientalior. Oxford 1680. Original colours. 420 x 520 mm.

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The eastern part of Flemish Flanders; the liberty of Bruges with the island of Cadzand. A decorative map including the towns of Gent, Sluis, Bruges, Ostend and many others.

45 VISSCHER ,N. Brabantia Ducatus. Amsterdam, 1680. Original colours. 604 x 505 mm.

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Engraved by Gilliam van der Gouwen. Very fine colouring.

46 WIT, F. de. Nova totius Hungariae, Transilvaniae,.. Amsterdam, 1680. In attractive original colours. In mint condition. Very decorative title cartouche. 445 x 578 mm.

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Fine and detailed map of Hungary reaching far east as Istanbul. Decorative title cartouche.

47 SANSON, N. De Philippynsche eilanden./ Ladronsche of dieve eilanden. Utrecht 1683. Coloured. A good impression. 190 x 245 mm.

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Two maps together on one sheet within a surrounding border, each with title cartouche. A compass rose decorates the Philippines map.

48 SANSON, N. Partie de L'Inde au de la du Gange./ Presqu-Isle de L'Inde.. Utrecht 1683. Coloured. Good impression. 186 x 250 mm.

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Two maps together on one sheet. The first depicts north-east India from the gulf of Bengal to the border of China. The second depicts the Malaya Peninsular and Sumatra, showing 'Malacca' and 'Sincapura'.

49 PORRO, G./ Unique composit atlas containg in total 84 maps. Pietro Antonio Brigonci, ca. 1686. In mint condition. 84 maps, numbered in brown ink from 1- 84 in a contemporary hand. 275 x 190 mm.

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A unique composit atlas containing in total 84 maps; 82 maps engraved by Girolamo Porro and heavenly reworked around 1686 and 2 newly engraved maps; Piccola Tartaria (Crimea, Ukraine) and Danimarca (Denmark). As the first plate in this book is a birds-eye view of Venise we may conclude that the publisher or buyer was from Venise.
The publisher could have been Pietro Antonio Brigonci. The atlas has no title page and has been published without the descriptive text of the Geographia of Ptolemy and Porcacchi's Isole piu famose del Mondo that usually accompanies these works. The atlas is most likely edited by Pietro Antonio Brigonci who updated the L'Isole plates in 1686. At the same time he could also have aquired the Geographia plates and updated them aswell.

The paper of both series is the same and the maps are numbered in brown ink from 1- 84 in a contemporary hand. The atlas has been rebound in the 1800's and blank pages have been inter-leaved. Few of the manuscript map numberings have been shaved. Book block 275x190mm. All maps are dark impressions and have some usual light marginal spotting. In general very good.
The atlas contains two newly engraved maps; Piccola Tartaria (Crimea, Ukraine) and Danimarca (Denmark).

Part one:
The book opens with a bird's-eye view of Venice and contains 47 maps, actually 30 for the first edition of 1572, adding 15 from the final version of 1576.
Compared to Thomas Porcacchi maps from "L'isole piu famose del mondo descritte da Thoniaso Porcacchi da Castiglione arretino e intagliate da Girolamo Porro padouano con l'aggiunta di molte isole" in this collection the map San Lorenzo (Madagascar) and the two maps added for the first time in the 1590 edition Descrittione dell’Isola d’Elandia, isola de Gotti and Descrittione dell’Istria are not present. Importantly, two maps Piccola Tartaria (Crimea, Ukraine) and Danimarca (Denmark) are added.
The New World is represented by "Temistitan" (Mexico City), "Mondo Nuouo," a reduced version of Forlani's very important map of North America first published in Venice in 1565, which was the first to show America as a single geographic entity, and is the second map to show the Strait of Anian in any detail. The interior of the southwestern portion of the continent and the general outline of the west coast of North America reflect discoveries from Coronado’s expedition of 1540–1542 and Cabrillo’s voyage of 1542–1544 up the west coast perhaps as far as Pont Arena, which he named Cabo de Fortunas.2 Note that Baja California is accurately displayed as a peninsula and existence of a northwest passage is clearly delineated. (Burden 42, second state. Very rare and only know in one copy to the author.)
There are maps of the American islands of "Spagnvola", "Cvba", "Iamaica", "S. Lorenzo", and "S. Giovanni" with five maps. The islands of the Pacific are depicted in "Isole Molucche". Including two world maps.

Part two :
In this collection, there are 36 of the 37 modern maps from Giovanni Andrea Magini - Geographiae universae tum veteris tum nouae absolutissimum opus duobus voluminibus distinctum, in quorum prior habentur CI. Ptolemaei Pelusiensis geographicae enarrationis. Missing is the oversized Mercator world (Shirley 194). Several plates have extensive re-engraving. World, Cyprus, Egypt, Low Countries, etc.

Mentionable the two 'modern' world maps, first "Vniversi orbis descriptio" which is a reduced version of the 1570 Ortelius map, surrounded by six wind heads (Shirley 195). Magini's mariner's map (Shirley 196) follows Gerard Mercator's large world map of 1569, with fanciful addition of chains of mountains across the souther continent.
Beside the world maps, four continental map of Asia, Africa, America and Europe are included, whereas the Africa map showing parts of Brazil and the Asia map also including elements of America. There are three other maps with parts of America: 'Scandia, sive Regiones Septentrionales' showing the north Atlantic with parts of Labrador (Burden 94), 'Tartariae Imperium' with Japan, parts of Canada and California (Burden 95), and finally 'India Orientalis', the attractive map of south -east Asia with the west coast of North America.Including the following maps:
Venezia - Porcacchi
Corfu - Porcacchi
Zante - Porcacchi, Tommaso
- Porcacchi
Scarpanto - Porcacchi
Il sito de Curzolari - Porcacchi
Descrittione del conflitto navale successo a Curzolari nel Mare Ionio… - Porcacchi
Elba - Porcacchi
Morea penisola - Porcacchi
Cerigo - Porcacchi
Cefalonia - Porcacchi
Costantinopoli - Porcacchi
Corsica - Porcacchi
Minorica - Porcacchi
Irlanda - Porcacchi
Islanda - Porcacchi
Holanda - Porcacchi (Van der Heijden 15 )
Gotlandia - Porcacchi
Isole Hebride et Orcade - Porcacchi
Isole Selandie - Porcacchi
Scotia - Porcacchi
Inghilterra - Porcacchi
Maiorica - Porcacchi
Sardegna - Porcacchi
Cipro - Porcacchi
Scio - Porcacchi
Milo - Porcacchi
Stalimene - Porcacchi
Nicsia - Porcacchi
Sicilia - Porcacchi
Malta - Porcacchi
Rhodi - Porcacchi
Metellino - Porcacchi
Santorini - Porcacchi
Negroponte - Porcacchi
Candia - Porcacchi
Danimarca. - Porcacchi
Temistitan - Porcacchi
S. Giovanni - Porcacchi
Iamaica - Porcacchi
Taprobana - Porcacchi
(World map without title) - Porcacchi (Shirley 154)
(Mariners World map without title) - Porcacchi (Shirley 155)
Isole Molucche - Porcacchi
Cuba - Porcacchi
Spagnvola - Porcacchi
Mondo nuovo - Porcacchi
Piccola Tartaria - Porcacchi, Tommaso

Lombardia et Marchia Tarvisina - Magini
Helvetia - Magini
Tuscia - Magini
Latizim seu Territorium Romae - Magini
Moscoviae Imperium - Magini
Poloniae Regnum - Magini
Tartariae Imperium - Magini
Scandia, sive Regiones Septentrionales - Magini
Neapolitanum Regnum - Magini
Sardinia et Sicilia - Magini
Forvm lvlii et Histria - Magini
Marca Anconae olim Picenum - Magini
Universi Orbis Descriptio - Magini (Shirley 195)
Britannica Insulae - Magini
Universi Orbis Descriptio ad usum Navigantium - Magini (Shirley 196)
Galliae Regnum - Magini
Germania - Magini
Italia - Magini
Pedemontium Monsferratus et Liguria - Magini
Hungaria et Transilvania - Magini
Belgium seu Germania Inferior - Magini (Van der Heijden 43 second state)
Portugalliae Regnum - Magini
Hispaniae Regnum - Magini
Europa - Magini
Cypri Insulae - Magini
Palaestina vel Terra Sancta - Magini
Aegyptus - Magini
Asia - Magini
India Orientalis - Magini
Turcici Imperii Descriptio - Magini
Persia Regnum sice Sophorum Imperium - Magini
America - Magini
Natolia olim Asia Minor - Magini
Africa - Magini (Betz 34)
Graecia - Magini
Candia Insula ohm Creta - Magini

50 WIT, F. de. Novissima Arragoniae regni tabula. Amsterdam, 1690. In original colours. Very good condition. Printed on heavy paper. 442 x 548 mm.

- €
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¤ Shows cities of Saragossa and Pamplona.

51 HOMANN, J.- B. Das Nurnbergische Gebiet. Mit allen Nurnbergischen Hauptmann Nurmberg 1692. Original colours. Slight overall browning. Many place names on the map underlined with red or green ink. Right and bottom margin frayed. 485 x 570 mm.

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North to the right.

52 VALK, G. L'Amerique Septentrionale & Meridionale.. Amsterdam c.1702. Original colours. In mint condition. In full original colours. 485 x 580 mm.

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California is copied from Sanson's map of 1656. The remainder of the map is based on that of 1669. Valk retains the 5 lakes with two open at their western ends. The province of New York is marked "Nouve an Pays Bas" with the city of New York shown as"N.Amsterdam". North Carolina is named "Floride Francois". California is shown as an island and to the south of the Solomon Islands is marked "Terre De Quito. In the two bottom corners are coloured representations of merchants trading with the natives. Not in Tooley, California as an island. - Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Valk Map nr.6.

53 RENARD,L. Le Duché de Brabant. Amsterdam, 1705. Original colours. 630 x 635 mm.

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A well-detailed map prepared by L'Isle.

54 HOMANN, J.- B. Brabantia Ducatus. Nuremberg, 1720. Original colours. 576 x 480 mm.

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Typical of Homann is the full colouring of the map and the uncoloured, large cartouche.

55 SCHENK, P. Brabantiae Ducatus Amsterdam, 1720. Original colours. With several brown spots along centerfold. 550 x 480 mm.

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On the lower right a cartouche embellished with figures, trees, birds, fruits and the heraldic arms of Brabant, held by a female figure. At bottom a dedication to Herman de Wilde

56 COVENS,J./ MORTIER,C. La Seigneurie de Groningue. Amsterdam, 1730. Original colours. 535 x 693 mm.

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A decorative map, prepared by N.Sanson, in brilliant colours

57 COVENS,J./ MORTIER,C. La Veluwe, La Betuwe et Le Comté de Zutphen dans Le Duché de Amsterdam, 1730. Original colours. In brilliant original colours. 563 x 762 mm.

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Prepared by N.Sanson. Printed on two copper plates.

58 COVENS,J./ MORTIER,C. Le Comte de Hollande. Amsterdam, 1730. Col. ancien. Printed on two plates. In brilliant original colours. 825 x 560 mm.

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The French cartographer N.Sanson was the maker.

59 COVENS,J./ MORTIER,C. Nova Regni Hispaniae. Amsterdam, 1730. Original colours. In attractive original colours, cartouche also in original colours. 473 x 595 mm.

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Prepared by L'Isle.

60 ALBRIZZI,G. Lo Stati Presente di Tutti i Paesi e Popoli del Mondo.. Venice, 1734. Uncoloured. 8vo. Contemp. vellum. 512pp. Illustrated with 4 plates including one with Japanese people. 1 folding view of Deshima and two folding maps of Japan and the Philippines with Italian text by Tirion. 200 x 130 mm.

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¤ This most uncommon work provides an interesting focus on the dissemination of the outline of Japan provided by Kaempfer. Beside vhe description of Japan, the book includes a description of Philippines, Moluccas, Kochinchina and Canton.
Cordier indicates that the first edition of this work in Italian was in 1738 and the date 1734 on the title page throws the sequence of Tirion's maps into some confusion.
Campbell dates the first Dutch edition of Tirion's maps c.1735.
The bird's-eye view of Deshima is also most interesting, being copied from a manuscript by Vogue, who was second-in-command on Deshima in 1713. The island is viewed from the land-side, depicting the developments of the new warehouses and the garden as well as the famous "speelhuis" which contained a billiard table and musical instruments on the upper floor.

61 VISSCHER ,N. Brabantia Batavae Pars Orientalis. Amsterdam, 1740. Original colours. Very good condition. 505 x 585 mm.

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Covering the so-called area "Meierij van 's-Hertogenbosch". Eindhoven in the centre of the map.

62 TIRION, I. Nieuwe kaart van..Hongaryen en Sevenbergen.. Amsterdam, 1750. In original colours. In mint condition. Wide margins. 280 x 330 mm.

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Detaild map of Hungary in attractive full original colours. Isaac Tirion was born in Utrecht ca. 1705. He came to Amsterdam ca. 1725. Tirion published a number of important books, many of which are still in demand for their interesting contents and excellent illustrations.

63 VAN KEULEN, G. Nieuwe Afteekening van alle de Banken..voor de Stad Enkhuyz Amsterdam, 1750. Uncoloured. 505 x 590 mm.

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A most interesting chart, including a plan of Enkhuizen.

64 ANONYMOUS A Unique Korean Map with notes and district names appearing only in Hangul. Korea, ca. 1790-1800. Original colours. Manuscript on rice paper. The map measures 1030 x 630 mm., height to width. 1030 x 630 mm.

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From the late Koryo dynasty to the last years of the Choson dynasty, Korea had a rich cartographic history, producing thousands of beautiful national maps using a wide range of cartographic methods and styles. For their abundant notes and the indication of place-names, the mapmakers used only Classical Chinese (Hanmun). That was the cultural standard of those times.
But sometime during the 18th century, an anonymous and probably self-trained cartographer decided to produce a map on which all the notes and place-names would be written exclusively in Hangul.
As far as this author can determine, the anonymous mapmaker's map of Korea is the only example from the Choson dynasty on which notes and district names appear only in Hangul.
In this article the author examines his style and methods.

The map measures 1030 x 630 mm., height to width. It is of about the same proportions as the much larger and untitled "Naikau map" (1515 x 909 mm) of Korea held by the Japanese governme Cabinet Library (Naikaku Bunko), which is considered the oldest known map in the Chong Ch'ok style, dating to the last quarter of the 15th century or copied from a map of that period.
Unfortunately, the map bears neither title nor date , nor is there any indication of the identity of its maker. But its cartographic type is well known and researched, being of the so - calle Chong Ch’ok style, named after an official of many talents, Chong Ch’ok (1390–1475), who during the 15th century was a favorite of five kings, all of whom promoted geographical research and mpmaking.
The defining feature of maps in this style is the problematic depiction of Korea ’s northern border with north eastern China.
The Korean orthography displayed in the placenames on the map is typical of the 18th century, in general agreement with the evidence of the place-name changes and the physical state of the map. Since the cartographic merits of the map are limited compared to earlier and well-known examples of the Chong Ch’ok genre, which are all in Chinese, the chief and unique feature of this map, that is, its exclusive use of Korean for district names and marginal comments, deserves analysis and comment.
Until the middle of the 15th century, there was no system for writing the spoken Korean language, which is linguistically unrelated to Cinese.
However, as mentioned earlier, classical written Chinese was widely known and used among the educated classes of Korea. It was not a spoken language, even in China itself. There were Korean methods for parsing a written Chinese text using special symbols for grammatical elements in such a way that a subject could be distinguished from an object, or verbal distinctions could be made that would clarify whether a clause was conditional or causative, or a statement, question, or command, etc.

As far as this author can determine, the anonymous mapmaker's map of Korea is the only examplfrom the Choson dynasty on which notes and district names appear only in Hangu.

Read the full article in 2013 The East Asia Institute Special Report.

Estampes du XVI ème au XVIII ème siècle

65 DIVERS. Lot de cartes et gravures. Du 17e au 19e siècle. Vendu tel quel..

50 - 100 €
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¤ Lot de cartes, vues, costumes comprenant des cartes d'Afrique par Lootsman et Delisle, des vues d'optique (Londres, Oppido), un tirage tardif de Callot de la série des "Gueux", etc.