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Expertise - To Sell an item.

Loeb-Larocque Rare Maps and Books has more then 27 years of expertise in old maps, atlases and illustrated books. If you are considering selling separate items, or a complete collection, please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice.
We purchase immediately, or can act as an expert for auction houses.
We are a member of SFEP-Experts
We pay promptly!

Please contact us at our shop at +33 1 or on Béatrice Loeb-Larocque's cell phone +33 6

Or contact us by email :

Use the following form to send us a short description of your item for sale WITH a picture.

Below is a selection of items sold in recent auctions. Prices do not include buyers' premium.

old map old map old map old map

Adjugé  125.000 €.

Adjugé  220.000 €
BLAEU,W.- Atlas.
Adjugé  67.000 €
GOOS,A. - Atlas
Adjugé 32.000 €
old map old map old map old map

Adjugé  18.000 €.

JAILLOT, H. / MORTIER, P. - Atlas 
Adjugé  10.000 €
BUACHE, Philipp - Exposé des découvertes au nord de la Grande Mer
Adjugé  23.000 €
Adjugé 8.000 €
old map West Indische Packaert old map old map

Adjugé  31.000 €.

GOOS - WestIndische Paskaert 
Adjugé  57.000 €
SELLER,J. - Atlas.
Adjugé  150.000 €
DESNOS. - Carte Mural
Adjugé 3.700 €

old map Paris

old map old map old map

TURGOT - Paris
Adjugé  7.700 €.

D'ANVILLE - Atlas 
Adjugé  7.000 €
WILLDEY - Mappe Monde.
Adjugé  6.800 €
31500 €

old map

old map old map old map

MELISH,J. - United States
Adjugé  20.000 €.

TURGOT - Paris
Adjugé  15.000 €
SCHMETTAU - Regno di Sicilia.
Adjugé  2.200 €
LACROIX - Galerie Contemporaine
3800 €
old map old map old map old map
MAGINI - Atlas
Adjugé  22.000 €
FRANSONE - Nobilta di Genova
Adjugé  12.500 €
ROUSSEL. - Paris
Adjugé  2.700 €
POLICARDI - Corsica.
Adjugé  5.700 €
old map old map old map old map
l'isle de Porquerolles
Adjugé  3.200 €
CORONELLI - Navi o vascelli
Adjugé  50.000 €
MUNSTER - Cosmographia
Adjugé  9.000 €
Plan de la ville et la Baye de la Bastia
Adjugé  3.800 €
old map old map old map Paris old map
CASSINI - Globes
Adjugé  30.000 €
Adjugé  30.000 €
TURGOT - Paris
Adjugé  7.700 €
PUZZLE. Carte de France
Adjugé  2.800 €
MOULLART-SANSON - Introduction à la géographie SELHAUSEN - Plan de l'Isle de Bourbon CHAMPLAIN - de la Novelle franse old map
MOULLART-SANSON - Introduction à la géographie
Adjugé  7.700 €
SELHAUSEN - Plan de l'Isle de Bourbon
Adjugé  10.500 €
CHAMPLAIN - de la Novelle franse
Adjugé  19.000 €
BELLOGUET - Hallucination topographique
Adjugé  1.400 €

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