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       binoche et giquello                             Auction - 4 November 2016 - Hôtel Drouot, Room 11
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Auction Drouot-Richelieu

Besides being an expert for single consigned items in auctions held by Paris leading auction houses as PIASA, Ader Nordmann, Daguerre, Rossini, Kahn-Dumousset, Libert at Drouot, Batrice Loeb-Larocque has been the expert in charge of the Binoche et Giquello November auction which offers fine and rare maps and views, atlases, prints and travel books for more than 18 years.
There is a printed catalogue and an on-line catalogue. The last one has 150 colour illustrations, and includes also late arrivals.

Below is a selection of items sold in recent auctions. Prices do not include buyers' premium.
old map old map old map old map

Adjug  125.000 .

Adjug  220.000
BLAEU,W.- Atlas.
Adjug  67.000
GOOS,A. - Atlas
Adjug 32.000
old map old map old map old map

Adjug  18.000 .

JAILLOT, H. / MORTIER, P. - Atlas 
Adjug  10.000
BUACHE, Philipp - Expos des dcouvertes au nord de la Grande Mer
Adjug  23.000
Adjug 8.000
old map West Indische Packaert old map old map

Adjug  31.000 .

GOOS - WestIndische Paskaert 
Adjug  57.000
SELLER,J. - Atlas.
Adjug  150.000
DESNOS. - Carte Mural
Adjug 3.700

old map Paris

old map old map old map

TURGOT - Paris
Adjugé  7.700 €.

D'ANVILLE - Atlas 
Adjug  7.000
WILLDEY - Mappe Monde.
Adjug  6.800

old map

old map old map old map

MELISH,J. - United States
Adjug  20.000 .

TURGOT - Paris
Adjug  15.000
SCHMETTAU - Regno di Sicilia.
Adjug  2.200
LACROIX - Galerie Contemporaine
old map old map old map old map
MAGINI - Atlas
Adjug  22.000
FRANSONE - Nobilta di Genova
Adjug  12.500
ROUSSEL. - Paris
Adjug  2.700
POLICARDI - Corsica.
Adjug  5.700
old map old map old map old map
l'isle de Porquerolles
Adjug  3.200
CORONELLI - Navi o vascelli
Adjug  50.000
MUNSTER - Cosmographia
Adjug  9.000
Plan de la ville et la Baye de la Bastia
Adjug  3.800
old map old map old map Paris old map
CASSINI - Globes
Adjug  30.000
Adjug  30.000
TURGOT - Paris
Adjug  7.700
PUZZLE. Carte de France
Adjug  2.800
MOULLART-SANSON - Introduction  la gographie SELHAUSEN - Plan de l'Isle de Bourbon CHAMPLAIN - de la Novelle franse old map
MOULLART-SANSON - Introduction la gographie
Adjug  7.700
SELHAUSEN - Plan de l'Isle de Bourbon
Adjug  10.500
CHAMPLAIN - de la Novelle franse
Adjug  19.000
BELLOGUET - Hallucination topographique
Adjug  1.400

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