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181 APRES DE MANNEVILLETTE, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis d' [Seychelles].Carte réduite de l'Océan Oriental Septentrional … avec les Isles de Ceylan, Maldives et Laquedives [ au verso carte manuscrite des Seychelles]/ Plan des Isles Mahé [ au verso carte manuscrite de Praslin]. Paris, ca 1775. Pâle mouillure dans la marge inférieure de l'Océan oriental, pâle mouillure et petite tache brune sur la carte de Mahé (335 x 485 mm). Cartes manuscrites (à la plume) des Seychelles et de Praslin au verso des cartes. 480 x 660 mm.
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¤ Cartes publiées par D'Après de Mannevillette dans son "Neptune oriental". Au verso de la carte de l'Océan oriental, une carte des I. Seychelles est dessinée à la plume ; au verso de la carte de Mahé, une carte de l'île Praslin également à la plume. Ces cartes manuscrites des Seychelles avec indications des sondes, se complètent et semblent avoir été réalisées par un professionnel.

- French charts of the coast of Indian ocean with a part of Africa, of Arabia of Persia, of India / of Mahé. Prepared by Jacques-François L'Abbé Dicquemare (1733-1789).
Latitude and longitude scales, compass rose and system of rhumb lines, soundings near coast and in bay areas.
D' Après de Mannevillette (1707-1780) was a famous French sailor and hydrographer. During a voyage to China in 1728 he succeeded in correcting the latitudes of many places using new instruments. Back in France he devised a plan to correct and publish all the existing maps of the route to China: the Red Sea, the coasts of India, Malaya, the northern parts of Indonesia, Indochina and China.
When the first edition of his Atlas Le Neptune Oriental (containing only 22 charts) was published in 1745, it was regarded as a major achievement and a library indispensable to navigators. In 1672, d'Après was appointed director of an office established by the Compagnie des Indes for the publication of charts.

182 KIEPERT,H. Continent von Australien und Neuseeland Weimar, 1874. In original o/l colours. In good condition. 420 x 550 mm.
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¤ Large and detailed map of Australia and New Zealand. With colour key in lower left. The map is prepared by H.Kiepert and published in Berlin by Dietrich Reimer. Engraved by W.Bembe.

Polynésie française

183 JYLBERT Tahiti. France, 1943. Printed colours with pochoir. Colour lithography with pochoir (stencil) print in vivid colours. 242 x 345 mm.
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¤ Very decorative, informative map of Tahiti. The map is filled with buildings, animals, figures and two locals. With a large compass rose in upper right corner.
In lower left corner "Imprimé en France" with a monogram of the publisher "BD".
The map carries a printed signature of the french illustrator who is only know by his pseudonym "Jylbert".
Decorative and Unusually vivid for a item published during the second world war.

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