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512 ORTELIUS, A. Sardinia / Sicilia.. / Corfu / Zerbi.. / Elba / Malta.. Anvers, 1570-1612. In attractive original colours. Paper slightly age toned. From a rare Spanish text edition. Six maps on one plate. 360 x 475 mm.
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¤ Six very fine and early maps on one sheet. Including the islands of Sardinia, Sicily, Corfu, Zerbi, Elba and Malta. The map of Malta has a sinking ship at Cala di S.Paulo, where Saint Paul is supposed to have ship wreaked and landed. Copper engraving with Spanish text on verso. Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) was a cartographer and publisher, who is born and died in Antwerp. Published first modern uniform Atlas, "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Atlas of the Whole World). Very attractive original colours. - Van den Broecke, Ortelius Atlas maps, 141

513 DE CLERCK, N. Cyprus. Amsterdam, Cloppenburch, 1621. Uncoloured. Page slightly age-toned. Water stain in the lower left corner of the sheet. Size of paper : 31x 19cm. 96 x 133 mm.
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Small map of Cyprus, surrounded by text in Dutch. Embellished with a sea monster and 2 vessels.
Nicolaes de Clerck (de Klerc) was active as engraver and publisher in Delft from 1599-1621.
Included in the rare book : Wereld Spiegel, waer in vertoontword de Beschryvinge der Rijken Staten, ende vorstendommen des gantsen Aerdbodems… which was a Dutch translation of "Les estats, empires et principautez de monde" by Pierre Davity.
The map is engraved by Jodocus Hondius before 1616 and first published in Petrus Bertius' revised pocket atlas Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri septem.. edition of 1616.
According to Peter van der Krogt in Atlantes Neerlandici, volume IIIA, page 442, the plates were used to illustrate some other books with maps, such as Paullus Merula's Cosmographia Generalis, printed in Leiden by Isaac Elsevier and in 1621 for the Wereld Spiegel.Cloppenburch probably had borrowed the plates, since in the 1630s they were in the possession of Willem Jansz. Blaeu, who probably acquired them along with the plates for Jodocus Hondius Jr.'s Appendix. Blaeu used the plates again for the Merula edition of 1635/36. Joan Blaeu used these plates to produce an Atlas Minor without text.

514 HONERVOGT, J. Peregrinations divi Pauli Tyrus Corographicus. . . Paris, ca. 1640. In original o/l colours. Paper slightly age toned. Good condition. 320 x 489 mm.
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¤ A beautifully executed and very rare map showing the peregrinations of St. Paul in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is ornated with two ships and two sea monster. The map itself has been copied after A.Ortelius.
Published by Jacob Honervogt (c.1590-c.1663) who was a native of Cologne and worked from 1608 as an engraver in Paris. After 1654 he worked with Gérard Jollain.

515 JANSSONIUS, J. Pascaarte van't Oostelyckste .. Middelansche Zee.. Amsterdam, 1650. Beau col. ancien. Paper slightly age-toned. Repair of split along centerfold. 415 x 545 mm.
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¤ Very decorative chart of Mediterranean. Decorative title cartouche on the upper right corner.

516 GOOS, P. Pascaerte Van't Westelyckste der Middelandsche Zee.. Amsterdam, 1666. Col. On double-ply paper as issued. Paper very mildly age-toned, as usual. A good and dark impression. 400 x 516 mm.
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¤ An eye-catching chart of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. Pieter Goos (ca. 1616-1675) was one of the most important cartographer, engraver, publisher and print seller of Amsterdam. His widow continued the business at her husband's death. She re-issued 'Nieuwe Groote Zee-Spiegel" in 1676.

517 SANSON, N. / JAILLOT, A.H. / MORTIER, P. La mer Mediterranee divisee en ses principales parties ou mers. . . Amsterdam, c.1705. Limites en col. ancien. Printed on 2 sheets joined together. Printed on heavy, somewhat browned paper. Some oxidation of paper due to light offsetting of ink. Some marginal spotting. Good dark impression. 560 x 865 mm.
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¤ Very large map centered on the Mediterranean. With a sub title along upper margin "La Mer Mediterranée divisée en Mer de Levant et de Ponant Subdivisées en Leurs Principales Parties ou Mers.".The map is fully and richly engraved.
A first state, without with lines of latitude and longitude.
Large and extremely decorative cartouche with Neptune and angels. Six distance scales within cartouches.
The map notes Nicolas Sanson as the mapmaker and claims that the map was published by Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (1632-1712).
However this plate is from the newly engraved Dutch counterfeited edition of the ' Atlas Nouveau', published by Pieter Mortier in Amsterdam.
Pierre Mortier's grandparents left France in about 1625 to live in Leiden. His parents settled in Amsterdam in 1661 or 1662. Pierre Mortier grew up in Amsterdam but lived in Paris from 1681 to about 1685 where he must have gotten into the book trade. Once he was in Amsterdam again he specialized in French books.
He established himself in atlases and introduced the modern French maps by Sanson's and Jaillot's in a larger format than the classical Dutch maps. Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Mor 1.

518 TALLIS, J. British possessions in the Mediterranean. London, ca. 1851. In original o/l colours. Steel engraving. Short margins, as issued. Very good condition. 344 x 250 mm.
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¤ Decorative steel engraved map of the islands and possessions Gibraltar, Malta, Gozo, Corfu, Paxo, Cerigo, Zante, Cephalonia, Ithaca and Maura. Illustrations sit amongst the maps and depict the different ports and types of boats. With a decorative border design.
Taken from "The illustrated atlas and modern history of the world by John Tallis". The Illustrations after a design by H. Warren and engraved by J.B. Allen. The Map was drawn and engraved by John Rapkin.

John Tallis a London publisher was one of the most popular cartographers of the 19th Century. He became famous for the very accurate and visually appealing maps that featured the extensive use of vignette views from around the World and ornamental perimeter engraving.
Principal engraver and mapmaker to John Tallis was John Rapkin, renowned for his extraordinary artistic and engraving skills. Between them they produced many books of travel and exploration. ¤


519 RAIGNIAULD,H. Valletta citta nova dimalta. Paris, Michael Soly, 1629. Uncoloured. In middle condition. A lot of tricks. 386 x 535 mm.
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¤ Early copper engraved map of the town of Valetta, engraved by Henry Raignauld. In lower left corner an inset with Malta and Gozzo.
Raigniauld’s signature is carefully worked into a cartouche also mentioning J.Douillier fecit.
The top right corner of the map displays the "Order of St. John of Jerusalem" coat of arms with three fleur-de-lys surmounted by a crown and with the eight pointed cross behind. In the lower part is a second coat of arms of the bishop of Nicosia, showing a lion with three stars above and three crescent moons above that.
FromHistoire des Chevaliers de l’Ordre de S. Iean de Jerusalem.. by [Baudoin (Jean), ed. François-Antoine de Naberat. This composite book concerning the history of the religious Order of St. John of Jerusalem and is rare.

520 DU VAL, P. Les Isles de Malthe Goze, Comin, Cominot, & c. en La Mer Merditerrannée. . . Paris, 1667. In original o/l colours. In good condition. Good and dark impression. Some light marginal foxing, slightly affecting upper right hand part of the map. 525 x 395 mm.
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¤ Rare map of the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino and Cominotto with fine title cartouche lower left.
Inset plan of Valetta (110x163mm.).

521 ANONYMOUS Melite ol. Hyperia insula noblissima Christianoni . . . France, ca. 1670-1700. Uncoloured. Original manuscript map in brown ink and green wash colour. Slightly stained, but altogether in very good condition. 216 x 291 mm.
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¤ Manuscript town-plan of Valetta on Malta, based on the engraving in Braun and Hogenberg' townbook from 1572-1624.
A schematic drawing shows Valetta with a strongly fortified harbour. Fort St Elmo can be seen on the left, with Fort Sant'Angelo across the water to its right and the star-shaped Fort St Michael further right again. ¤

522 BLAEU, J./ MORTIER, P. Valletta ou Valete ville Forte, de l'Isle de Malta. Amsterdam, 1705. Coloured. A nice and attractive impression. 400 x 505 mm.
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¤ A beautifully engraved and richly detailed birds-eye plan of the harbour and city of Valletta seen from the northwest. In lower part extensive key, identifying 57 feautures on the plan. Joan Blaeu published during his life three town-books of Italy; Citta del Vaticano, Rome and Napoli. By the year 1672 a fire largely destroyed the main Blaeu workshop, and much of the prepared material. However, work on the town-book continued, and in 1682 the completed work was published in Amsterdam by the heirs of Joan Blaeu. The town-book was a great success and reissued several times by different publishers in Amsterdam, as late as 1726. Pierre Mortier re-issued all the Blaeu plates in the years 1704/05 in an atlas comprising four volumes. The plates are now signed "A Amsterdam chez Pierre Mortier".

523 DE FER,N. / DANET Plan de la ville de Malthe ses Forts, ses Nouvelles Fortiffications.. Paris, 1723. In attractive full colour. Paper very minor age toned. 155 x 288 mm.
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¤ Detailed plan of Valetta. In upper right corner a key to the principal places in town. Prepared by N.de Fer and re-issued by Danet.

524 BOVA, A. Pianta Geografia delle Isole di Malta, e Gozo della Sagra Religione Gerosolimitana di S. Giovanni delineata, ed incisa in quest anno 1761. Bova Ant., Palermo, 1761. Uncoloured. Several folds as issued, with paper thinness on crossings. Upper margin cut till plate mark and some minor tears. 300 x 425 mm.
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¤ A rare map of Malta and Gozo printed by the priest Antonio Bova (1688 - 1775), who was active as engraver in Palermo ca. 1727-1773. He produced cartographic engravings, scenery, portraits and holy iconography. His devotional prints are usually signed only by his surname.

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