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Amérique du Nord

98 LONGCHAMPS, le Sieur. Carte des Possessions Françoises et Angloises dans le Canada et partie de la Lousiane. . . Paris, 1756. In original o/l colours. Paper slightly age-toned and dusty, splits along margins re-inforced. Verso of center fold contemp. backed with paper strip. 560 x 770 mm.
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¤ Proof state. Here without the decorations around the title cartouche in the what is called in the reference books the first state the cartouch in upper left . No double lines around the scale and the title cartouche lower right without "Gravé par Chambon".
This map was published in 1756 to provide information on the French-Indian wars. - Not in Kershaw, Early printed maps of Canada, or other reference works.

99 TANNER, H.S. The Traveller's Guide. A Map Of The Roads, Canals And Steam Boat Routes Of The United States ... Designed for the use of Travellers, By H.S. Tanner. Philadelphia, 1825. In original colours. Very good condition. Outline color by state. In red leather covers, 13x8cm., gilt stamped "Traveller's Guide Through The U. States. Two brown spots in right hand part of map, with two holes. 445 x 562 mm.
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¤ Rare first edition of Tanner's travel map in pocket map form, in it original red leather covers, with the map and no text, as issued. Ristow says the first edition was 1834, and while that was the first issue of the enlarged guide with text, this 1825 map is from the same plate as the 1834 map and thus should be seen as the first edition of the guide.
The entire lower right corner of the map is taken up with lists of "Steam Boat Routes Throughout the United States," which are keyed to letters in the map margins. In the 1834 and later editions, these lists are replaced with inset maps of U.S. cities, and the lists are given, along with added stage and railroad routes, in the body of the text.
This interesting early map of the U.S. still shows the Five Civilized Tribes of the Indian Nation in their respective locations throughout the southeast. The western edge of the new country is sparsely populated, and the Oregon Territory begins just above Missouri.

Complete title: THE TRAVELLER'S GUIDE. A MAP OF THE ROADS, CANALS AND STEAM BOAT ROUTES OF THE UNITED STATES: WITH THE DISTANCES FROM PLACE TO PLACE CAREFULLY NOTICED; Including A Series Of Tables Showing The Routes Pursued By The Various Steam Boats, And The Distances Between Important Places Throughout The Country. Designed For The Use Of Travellers, By H. Tanner.
In lower margin : Published by H.S. Tanner, 177 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. Entered … 21st day of May 1825, by H.S. Tanner … Pennsylvania.
Inside of cover with brwon ink "Boston, January 1st, 1829. Price $ 1." A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress, p. 884, Phillips, P.L, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1901; American Maps and Mapmakers, Chapter 13, Ristow, George, Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1985


100 ACADEMIE Vue de Quebeck. Augsburg, 1750. Original colours. Paper slightly age toned, as usual. Marginal staining. Some browning in right hand part of the print. 310 x 398 mm.
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¤ A so-called optical print showing a decorative imaginary view of the town of Quebeck seen from the harbour, with a large vessel in the foreground. Engraved by Balthasar Frederic Leizelt.
This print is a fine example of this illusionary printmaking, but also as a testament to strong interest by Europeans in America at the time and also as a fine example of the perspective view, complete with the lovely and bold original color and reversed title at the top.
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speciality establishments in Paris, Augsburg and London which produced optical viewing devices and special engravings to be viewed through them. In the 18th century the optical print or vue optique came into existence, whose exaggerated converging lines were intended to produce the optical illusion of deep recession. The viewing devices for which these perspective prints were produced consisted of a lens and a mirror, this requiring the use of reversed or mirror-image pictures.
See our special page about optical prints and peep shows.

An optical mirror with print.
(Mirror is not included in the lot.)

101 GARNIER,F.A. Amérique Boréale, Nou,..Bretagne & Canada. Paris, 1861. In original colours. Steel engraving in good condition. 357 x 501 mm.
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¤ Very detailed map from "Atlas Sphérodïdal & Universel de géographie", Prepared by F.A.Garnier and edited by Jules Renouard, rue de Tournon, Paris. Uncommon map with decorative title cartouche lower right hand corner. Showing good detail of Canada and Alaska.


102 CASTRO, Casimiro / GARCIA CUBAS, Antonio. Álbum del ferrocarril mexicano : colección de vistas pintadas del natural por Casimiro Castro. Con una descripcion del camino y de las regiones que recorre por Antonio Garcia Cubas. Mexico, Victor Debray, 1877. In original colours. In-folio oblong de (2) ff., 56 pp., (1) ff., 18 pp. Oblong folio, original green gilt pictorial cloth. chromolithographic title-page and text in English and Spanish, French text at end, 24 numbered chromolithographic plates and 1 chromolithographic map . Original green gilt pictorial cloth. The first pages with very minor staining for the rest in mint condition. 350 x 490 mm.
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¤ Album del Ferrocarril Mexicano - Album of the Mexican Railway: A Collection of Views Taken from Nature...With a Description of the Line and Country Through Which it Passes. First edition in English, Spanish and French. Illustrated with 1 chromolithographic title-page, 24 chromolithographic plates and 1 chromolithographic map.
The plates include spectacular views of Veracruz, Orizaba, Puebla, and illustrations of stations, locomotives, freight and passenger trains, bridges and tunnels, etc. The text is by Antonio Garcia Cubas.
The translation of the Spanish text is by George F.Henderson. The French translation is bound at the end and is done by G.Gostkowski. This glorious plate book, published the same year that Porfirio Díaz came to power, captures a pivotal moment in Mexican history, with its clashing images of powerful machines intruding into pristine, picturesque landscapes, heralding the evolution of a rural-agrarian world of "many Mexicos" to a unified modern technological society.
"Some of the finest examples of the lithographer's art during the latter part of the century. Chromolithography by Debray y Cía of the work of Casimiro Castro and A. Sigogne illustrated Antonio García Cubas's extraordinary Album del Ferrocarril Mexicano" (Mathes).
Casimiro Castro (1826 - 1889) was a Mexican lithographer, draftsman and painter, considered one of the great Mexican lithographers and landscape artists of the 19th century. His works hold both historic and artistic value in Mexico today, and are in the collections of Mexican museums. The versatile artist also created designs for facades and shop interiors, posters, landscapes and even fashion designs. His work on this album celebrates Mexico as it was undergoing modernization, epitomized by the advent of train transportation.

This book is difficult to find complete with all the plates as well as the map. This copy has all of the required plates plus the map and is in very good condition with its original decorative publishers binding.

Palau, 98733.

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