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34 BASSET Introduction a la géographie carte des diverses positions de la sphere.. Paris 1750. Coloured. Good and dark impression on sound paper. Good margins. Very good condition. 503 x 722 mm.
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¤ A charming and large print showing a terrestrial, celestial and an armillary globe with smaller circular diagrams illustrating the theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus, Brahe and Descartes.

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35 MALBY A pair of English 3-inch globes. London, 1844. In original o/l colours. Matching terrestrial and celestial globes, made from hand-colored, engraved gores, pins at poles, resting in matching turned mahogany cases with domed lids. 11 cm. high. 110 x 100 mm.
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¤ With pasted label on each globe with the complete titles on each : MALBY'S Terrestrial Globe Compiled from the GLOBES of the SOCIETY FOR THE DIFF[?]. OF USEF[??] KNOWLEDGE Houghton St London March 1st 1844.
MALBY'S Celestial Globe Shewing the Principal STARS of each Constellation. HOUGHTON ST. LONDON March 1st 1844.
The Malby family of map and globe makers was started by Thomas Malby, Sr. about 1839 and continued producing globes until at least 1860. The firm operated as Malby & Son with Thomas Malby, Jr. and globes produced by the company generally were engraved by C. Malby -- presumably a family member -- and later continued by Thomas Malby III.
Malby produced a variety of table globes in many sizes as well as this interesting pocket globe. The depiction of the lines of magnetic variation on a globe was a Malby innovation. The Malby firm associated itself with the geographical publishing of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK).
The terrestrial globe has several areas off missing area, and paper label, who are carefully replaced with facsimile or redrawn in brown ink. Nevertheless a rare set of globes which make a great presentation.

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