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Turkey (Asia)

Location: 1827
Milan, 1827 - 210 x 262 mm.
Aquatint depicting a woman dancing around a camp fire engraved by D.K. Bonatti, after drawings by C. Bottigella of a family of Turkestan. Plate N° 27.From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien ..
Location: 1840
Paris, 1840 - 595 x 740 mm.
A detailed map including Turkey, Greece, Black Sea, Holy Land, Georgie, Iran, Iraq, Armenia...
Location: 1848
Paris, Gihaut frères, 1848 - 330 x 252 mm.
Beautiful lithography by Auguste Raffet (1804 -1860 ) and printed by Auguste Bry...
Location: 1860
Paris, 1860 - 410 x 570 mm.
Panoramic view from Scutari with a view of Constantinople in the distance, after a design by Johann Schranz. Published by J. Missiriè...
Location: 1860
Paris, Lemercier, c.1860 - 195 x 276 mm.
Beautiful lithography of a English ship entering the Dardanelles, or formerly known as the Hellespont in Turkey on November 1853.After a design Louis by Le Breton. Louis LeBreton was a surgeon in the..
Location: 1869
Wissembourg, after 1869 - 260 x 380 mm.
Lithography on tined grounds with a fine view of Constantinople. John Frederick Wentzel (1807-1869), was a native of Wentzel, a small town in Alsace and was trained as a bookbinder and started selling..
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