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DU HALDE, J. B. - Nouvel atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie chinoise, et du Thibet.

DU HALDE, J. B. -  Nouvel atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie chinoise, et du Thibet.
DU HALDE, J. B. - Nouvel atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie chinoise, et du Thibet.
Date: The Hague, H. Scheurleer, 1737
Size: 520 x 390 mm.
Colouring: In original o/l colours.
Condition: Contemp. mottled brown calf with moderate wear; 2° (52x39cm.) Printed title page., 2pp advertisement, 8pp text, 42 engraved maps of China, Tibet, Tartary and Korea, 12 folding. The 3 overview maps with original outline colours. On title page some paper cu


First edition of "the principal cartographic authority on China during the 18th century". It was the second major atlas of China produced in Europe following the Martini /Blaeu Novus Atlas Sinensis 1655. Through its unique combination of western and Chinese surveys it brought the mapping of China to a new level of accuracy and detail.

Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville (1697-1782) beautifully printed and splendidly illustrated work is the summation of European knowledge on China in the 18th-century. It was begun by the Jesuit missionaries to China in 1708, and their completed manuscripts were presented to the Emperor Kang-hi in 1718. Kang-hi ordered further surveys and from them were constructed the well-known maps forwarded to father Du Halde and used by d'Anville for this work.
Because the principles and methods of surveying had greatly improved by the late 17th- and early 18th-centuries, the result was the most accurate mapping of China available in Europe at the time.
The maps are by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville (1697-1782), “the finest cartographer of his time” (Moreland & Bannister: Antique Maps, p.133).
For certain remote parts of northern China, Mongolia and Tibet, this work was the only adequate reference until the technological revolution in surveying in the 20th-century. In addition to the maps on China and Korea, Du Halde's work includes highly important map Carte des Pays traversés par le Capne Beerings contains the first printed configuration of any part of Alaska, namely St. Lawrence Island. Both the report and map are based on manuscripts that Bering had presented to the King of Poland who, in turn, presented them to Du Halde for inclusion in this work.
Containing the following maps : 1. Carte le plus générale de toutes comprenant la Chine, La Tartarie & le Thibet -- 2. Carte générale de la Chine -- 3. La Province de Pé-tche-li -- 4. La Province de Kiang-nan -- 5. La Province de Kiang-si -- 6. La Province de Fa-kien -- 7. La Province de Tche-kiang -- 8. La Province de Hou-quang -- 9. La Province de Ho-nan -- 10. La Province de Chan-tong -- 11. La Province de Chan-si -- 12. La Province de Chen-si -- 13. La Province de Se-tchuen -- 14. La Province de Quan-tong -- 15. La Province de Quang-si -- 16. La Province de Tun-nan -- 17. La Province de Koei-tcheou -- 18. Carte generale de la Tartarie chinoise -- 19. Premiere Feuille particuliere -- 20. Seconde Feuille particuliere. 21. Troisieme Feuille particuliere -- 22. Quatrieme Feuille particuliere -- 23. Cinquieme Feuille particuliere -- 24. Sixieme Feuille particuliere -- 25. Septieme Feuille particuliere -- 26. Huitieme Feuille particuliere -- 27. Neuvieme Feuille particuliere -- 28. Dixieme Feuille particuliere -- 29. Onzieme Feuille particuliere -- 30. Douzieme Feuille particuliere -- 31. La Royaume de Coree -- 32. Carte generale du Thibet -- 33. Premiere Feuille particuliere -- 34. Seconde Feuille particuliere -- 35. Troisieme Feuille particuliere -- 36. Quatrieme Feuille particuliere -- 37. Cinquieme Feuille particuliere -- 38. Sixieme Feuille particuliere -- 39. Septieme Feuille particuliere -- 40. Huitieme Feuille particuliere -- 41. Neuvieme Feuille particuliere -- 42. Voyage du Capitaine Beerings.
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