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Belgium Towns

Location: 1700
France, ca. 1670-1700 - 265 x 310 mm.
Manuscript town-plan of Gent, as it was at about 1670. To the left text related to the history of the town...
Location: 1874
Anvers, F. Tessaro, 1874 - 600 x 870 mm.
Very rare and detailed town plan of Antwerp, published by F.Tessaro and prepared by L.Franck and François Rogmans, dated 1874. In the lower left corner inset of "Plan général des Entrpòts Royal".The p..
Location: 1883
Bruxelles, 1883 - 735 x 965 mm.
Decorative folding plan of Brussels, with to the right, left and bottom a key to the important street buildings and streets. Prepared by L.Mols - Marchal. This edition is obvious an updated state as t..
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