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Netherlands Towns

Location: 1564
Basle, ca. 1564 - 125 x 155 mm.
RECTO: A panoramic view of the city of Groningen dated 1573.VERSO: a woodcut of a cow, a bull and their calf.Taken from Sebastian Munster's encyclopedic work, the "Cosmographia Universalis". The Cosm..
Location: 1692
Paris, ca.1692 - 186 x 311 mm.
A very decorative and extremely rare town-view of Amsterdam, including a numbered key ( A- T) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With signature "Aveline avec privil. du Roy" in lowe..
Location: 1748
Paris, 1748 - 315 x 469 mm.
A rare separate published plan of Maastricht by G. L. le Rouge. Showing the fortified city with important buildings named. With a key from A to X, a mileage scale and a compass rose...
Location: 1750
Paris, ca. 1750 - 235 x 367 mm.
Showing the Voorhout in The Hague. Likely published by Mondhare, who was a well-known publisher of optical prints, established in rue St.Martin in Paris. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the..
Location: 1778
Frankfurt 1623 - 1778 - 100 x 145 mm.
View of the castle Loevestein, near Gorinchem.. On the sky, three hands holding a quill, a stone and a stick are depicted. With a verse in two languages underneath the picture. The poet Daniel Meisner..
Location: 1880
'sHertogenbosch 1880 - 160 x 260 mm.
Uncommon print of St.Catharina church of Eindhoven, built by the well-known architect P.Cuijpers. Published in Katholieke Illustratie ...
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