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Russia provinces

Location: 1686
Rome, 1686 - 418 x 540 mm.
Scarce map of the region between the confluence of the Danube, Nistru and Dnieper Rivers along the Black Sea - present-day Ukraine and Romania. Excellent detail throughout. Large and decorative title ..
Location: 1710
Amsterdam, c.1710 - 505 x 575 mm.
Fine sea chart of the southern part of the Barents Sea, oriented to the West. With 5 inset maps: - Swetenoes, de Kust van Laplandt, Lombascho, ''T Vaste Landt van Laplandt, De Rivier van Kola.Engraved..
Location: 1725
Paris, ca. 1725 - 398 x 264 mm.
Detailed of the Caspian Sea, prepared by Karl van Verden in 1722. Van Verden was a Russian sailor and the Czar's Special Commander, who produced the first accurate map of Caspian...
Location: 1753
Paris, ca. 1753 - 171 x 148 mm.
Detailed map of European part of Russia, including Finland and Lapland.Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688–1766), also known as Le Sieur or Monsieur Robert, and his son, Didier Robert de Vaugondy (c.1723–..
Location: 1783
Paris, 1783 - 187 x 450 mm.
Engraved map of the Crimean Peninsula with the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in Russia. From the Atlas Volume of "Histoire physique, morale, civile et politique de la Russie Ancienne" by N. G. Le Cler..
Location: 1853
1853 - 295 x 322 mm.
Uncommon "soil or geological map" of of Meskheti Range in Caucasus.In lower part a colour key to show geological features like granite, quartz, lava, rock units and geologic strata are shown where th..
Location: 1858
London, 1858 - 250 x 325 mm.
Decorative steel engraved map of the Crimea. The last Tallis map of Crimea, published circa 1858 by The London Printing and Publishing Company (the partnership of John Tallis and Ephraim Tipton Brain)..
Location: 1860
Paris, c.1860 - 499 x 645 mm.
Finely and crisply engraved map centered on Crimea, showing the Black Sea and its hinterland.Noteworthy topographical detail is shown with a colour key to the settlements of Mennonites, Germans, Bulga..
Location: 1865
Paris, Wild, c.1865 - 195 x 294 mm.
Panoramic View of Nicolaieff and Kerson Bay in the Ukraine. Including a numbered key (1-46) in lower part, mentioning all place names.Published by Wild, rue de la Banque 15 près la Bourse, in Paris...
Location: 1879
Allemagne, 1879 - 360 x 540 mm.
Uncommon soil or geological map of Kur, Araxes Euphrat und Djorokn region in Caucasus. In lower part a colour key to show geological features like granite, quartz, lava, rock units and geologic strat..
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