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Russia towns

Location: 1696
Hamburg, 1696 - 292 x 343 mm.
An early town-view of the town of Narva, located at the eastern tip of Estonia, on the Russian border.From the uncommon Hamburg edition "Viel Vermehrte Moscowitische und Persianische Reisebeschreibun..
Location: 1760
Paris, 1760 - 255 x 389 mm.
So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of St. Petersburg, namely the ancient Winter Palace and the canal which joins the Moika to the Neva.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries t..
Location: 1844
Paris, 1844 - 270 x 440 mm.
A view of a church, the 5 of September 1839. Figures are lithographed by Raffet. Plate taken from the first illustrated account of Russian architecture. This publication was the project of Count Anato..
Location: 1850
Russie, ca. 1850 - 295 x 585 mm.
Anonymous, likely Russian School gouache drawing of Moscow Kremlin. The Kremlin is depicted in a typical 19th century romantic style and is seen from the Moskva river in the south. The Ivan the Great ..
Location: 1860
Paris, 1860 - 180 x 265 mm.
Beautiful Crimean War lithography by Becquet after a painting by Louis Le Breton. The print is illustrating the ships "Fort Constantin", "la ville de Paris", "le Montebello" and "Batterie de la Quaran..
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