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Provinces Pologne

Location: 1750
Nuremberg, 1750 - 395 x 810 mm.
Detailed map of the South eastern part of Silesia, centered on Opole, with title cartouche including coat-of-arms of Teschen, Ratibor, Oppeln, Troppav, Iaegerndorf, T.Frankfest., Neise and Mansterb. P..
Location: 1760
Paris, c. 1760 - 480 x 540 mm.
Finely and crisply engraved map of north eastern part of Germany, including inset map of Brandenburg.Map by Giles Didier Robert De Vaugondy with erased title cartouche..Ornamental title cartouche in ..
Location: 1784
Venise, 1776 - 1784 - 450 x 648 mm.
Finely and crisply engraved map of Prussia including The Bay of Danzig.Venetian edition of Giles Didier Robert De Vaugondy's map from Atlas Universel printed in 1776-84.Ornamental title cartouche in t..
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