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Villes Italie

Location: 1582
Rome, 1582 - 400 x 530 mm.
First state of three. A rare view of Rome from the Lafreri-School. Below the view there is a numbered legend of 114 references to notable places and monuments, distributed on eleven columns. In the la..
2 500€
Location: 1590
Cologne, 1590 - 335 x 485 mm.
Precise, beautiful bird's-eye view of Venice, clearly depicting the city's architectural landmark. The surrounding lagoon is animated with a great variety of sailing vessels. At bottom center is a pro..
3 500€
Location: 1600
Rome, ca. 1600 - 398 x 510 mm.
First state before imprint of Jacobus de Rubeis. A rare view of Ancient Rome from the Lafreri-School in the style of Ambrogio Brambilla's view of about 1575. Reference : Bifolco,S./ Ronca, F.: Cartog..
2 750€
Location: 1692
Paris, ca.1692 - 189 x 310 mm.
A very decorative and extremely rare town-view of Turin, including a numbered key (A-M) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "fait par Aveline avec privilege du Roy 1692" in lowe..
Location: 1705
Amsterdam, 1705 - 260 x 420 mm.
A very attractive view of the place St Marc. Joan Blaeu published during his life three town-books of Italy; Citta del Vaticano, Rome and Napoli. By the year 1672 a fire largely destroyed the main Bla..
3 500€
Location: 1705
Amsterdam, 1704 - 1705 - 415 x 520 mm.
A beautifully engraved and richly decorated plan of Pisa. With a key (1-97) in lower left corner referring to the principal places of interest in the town. Joan Blaeu published during his life three t..
2 000€
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 390 x 462 mm.
Very decorative folio sheet with five engraved views in Venice: "Vue de la Palace de St. Marc" (Piazza San Marco), a birds-eye map of "L'Arcenal", "Autre vue de al Place de St. Marc", "Course des Gond..
Location: 1720
Paris, ca.1720 - 149 x 226 mm.
Rare. Vue de Notre Dame de Lorette, incluant une légende au bas de la gravure. Numéroté dans le coin supérieur droit. Publié par les frères Chéreau "à Paris rue Saint Jacques au Grand Rémy". F. Chérea..
Location: 1730
Paris, 1690-1730 - 193 x 313 mm.
A rare panoramic town-view of Casale Monferrato in the Piedmont region. Engraved by Pierre Aveline (Paris, c.1656 - 23 May 1722). He was also a print-publisher and print-seller. He probably trained ..
Location: 1730
Augsburg, 1730 - 495 x 580 mm.
Fine example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Milan, with a striking panoramic view of the City below. ¤Matthaus Seutter the elder first published his "Atlas Geographicus" in 1720 a..
1 900€
Location: 1750
Augsbourg, ca. 1750 - 505 x 710 mm.
Suite de 3 gravures à la manière noire figurant la Place Saint-Marc et la Piazzetta. Les planches ont été gravées et éditées à Augsbourg par Christoph Gustav Kilian. Légende bilingue, en français et e..
4 500€
Location: 1760
Paris, 1760 - 281 x 400 mm.
So-called optical print of St.Marco church in Venice. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speciality establishments in Paris, Augsburg and London which produced optical ..
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