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Location: 1629
Paris, Michael Soly, 1629 - 386 x 535 mm.
Early copper engraved map of the towns of Valletta, Borgo, Sanglea di Sto. Michele, and the church of St. Salvator -known as the Three Cities., engraved by Henry Raignauld. In lower left corner an ins..
Location: 1667
Paris, 1667 - 525 x 395 mm.
Rare map of the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino and Cominotto with fine title cartouche lower left. Inset plan of Valletta (110x163mm.)...
Location: 1700
France, ca. 1670-1700 - 216 x 291 mm.
Manuscript town-plan of Valletta on Malta, based on the engraving in Braun and Hogenberg' townbook from 1572-1624.A schematic drawing shows Valletta with a strongly fortified harbour. Fort St Elmo can..
Location: 1705
Amsterdam, 1705 - 400 x 505 mm.
A beautifully engraved and richly detailed birds-eye plan of the harbour and city of Valletta seen from the northwest. In lower part extensive key, identifying 57 feautures on the plan. Joan Blaeu pub..
Location: 1723
Paris, 1723 - 155 x 288 mm.
Detailed plan of Valletta. In upper right corner a key (A-Z & 1-32) to the principal places in town. Prepared by Fer and re-issued by Danet...
Location: 1751
Paris, 1751 - 580 x 895 mm.
Attractive large scale plan of Valetta on Malta. To the left and right a numbered key 1 - 269. In lower right a dedication to Manuel Pinto da Fonseca (1681 – 1773) who was a Portuguese nobleman, the 6..
Location: 1761
Bova Ant., Palermo, 1761 - 300 x 425 mm.
A rare map of Malta and Gozo printed by the priest Antonio Bova (1688 - 1775), who was active as engraver in Palermo ca. 1727-1773. He produced cartographic engravings, scenery, portraits and holy ico..
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