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Greek islands

Location: 1598
Antwerp, 1598 - 360 x 500 mm.
Very decorative map showing map of Crete and 10 insets of Greek islands: Candia, Metellino, Santorini, Milo, Rodus, Scio, etc...
Location: 1660
Venise, 1660 - 330 x 820 mm.
Rare map based on the important map of Crete by Basilicata. The maps by Marco Boschini reached a wider audience than the few individuals for whom the Basilicata maps were originally drawn. In the dedi..
Location: 1680
Amsterdam, 1680 - 665 x 485 mm.
A scarce broadsheet plan and prospect of Heraklion on one sheet: prospect 180 x 495mm, map 395 x 495mm., in lower part a printed description "Abbildung der starken Stadt CANDIA…".A fine plan of Herakl..
Location: 1696
Venice, ca. 1696 - 454 x 600 mm.
A beautiful and flamboyantly engraved large-scale map of Morea, who was in 1683 invaded by the Venetians. The map carries a dedication to Marcello Sacchetti, ambassador from the Knights Hospitallers ..
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