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Italy Towns

Location: 1582
Rome, 1582 - 400 x 530 mm.
First state of three. A rare view of Rome from the Lafreri-School. Below the view there is a numbered legend of 114 references to notable places and monuments, distributed on eleven columns. In the la..
Location: 1590
Cologne, 1590 - 335 x 485 mm.
Precise, beautiful bird's-eye town view of Venice, clearly depicting the city's architectural landmark. The surrounding lagoon is animated with a great variety of sailing vessels. At the bottom center..
Location: 1600
Rome, ca. 1600 - 398 x 510 mm.
First state before imprint of Jacobus de Rubeis. A rare view of Ancient Rome from the Lafreri-School in the style of Ambrogio Brambilla's view of about 1575. Reference : Bifolco,S./ Ronca, F.: Cartog..
Location: 1692
Paris, ca.1692 - 189 x 310 mm.
A very decorative and rare town view of Turin, including a numbered key (A-M) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "fait par Aveline avec privilege du Roy 1692" in lower right ma..
Location: 1705
Amsterdam, 1705 - 260 x 420 mm.
A very attractive view of the place St Marc in Venice.Joan Blaeu published during his life three town-books of Italy: Citta del Vaticano, Rome and Napoli. By the year 1672 a fire largely destroyed the..
Location: 1705
Amsterdam, 1704 - 1705 - 415 x 520 mm.
A beautifully engraved and richly decorated plan of Pisa. With a key (1-97) in lower left corner referring to the principal places of interest in the town.Joan Blaeu published during his life three to..
Location: 1720
Amsterdam, 1720 - 390 x 462 mm.
Very decorative folio sheet with five engraved views in Venice: "Vue de la Palace de St. Marc" (Piazza San Marco), a birds-eye map of "L'Arcenal", "Autre vue de al Place de St. Marc", "Course des Gond..
Location: 1720
Paris, ca.1720 - 149 x 226 mm.
A very RARE panoramic town-view of Lorette and the church, including a numbered legend in both lower corners.The plate is numbered in black pencil in upper right corner.Published by the brothers Ché..
Location: 1730
Paris, 1690-1730 - 193 x 313 mm.
A rare panoramic town-view of Casale Monferrato in the Piedmont region. Engraved by Pierre Aveline (Paris, c.1656 - 23 May 1722). He was also a print-publisher and print-seller. He probably trained ..
Location: 1730
Augsburg, 1730 - 495 x 580 mm.
Fine example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Milan, with a striking panoramic view of the City below. Matthaus Seutter the elder first published his "Atlas Geographicus" in 1720 an..
Location: 1750
Augsbourg, ca. 1750 - 505 x 710 mm.
Suite de 3 gravures à la manière noire figurant la Place Saint-Marc et la Piazzetta. Les planches ont été gravées et éditées à Augsbourg par Christoph Gustav Kilian. Légende bilingue, en français et e..
Location: 1760
Paris, 1760 - 281 x 400 mm.
So-called optical print of St.Marco church in Venice.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speciality establishments in Paris, Augsburg and London which produced optical v..
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