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villes Portugal

Location: 1680
Bologna, c.1680 - 485 x 963 mm.
A rare panoramic town-view of Lisbon with over the whole length of the lower part a 4 columns of letter-press poem in Italian and Latin.Published by Guiseppe Longhi, a publisher working in Bologna. C..
Location: 1730
Augsbourg, ca. 1730 - 385 x 1035 mm.
A large-scale panoramic town-view of Lisbon, with legends in Latin and German, numbered from 1-72, along the bottom of the print identifying important sites and buildings. Published by Georg Balthasar..
Location: 1740
Augsburg, ca. 1740 - 340 x 1060 mm.
A spectacular panoramic view of Lisbon, with legends numbered from 1-15 in Italian and German. With the title in a banderol.After a design by Friedrich Bernhard Werner (1690-1776) who was born in Sile..
Location: 1778
Frankfurt, 1623 / 1778 - 100 x 145 mm.
A very nice view of the city of Buarcos. On the foreground, a couple is walking next to the river. With a verse in two languages underneath the picture.The poet Daniel Meisner from Komotau started his..
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