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Spain provinces

Location: 1628
Amsterdam, 1628 - 385 x 484 mm.
Map of Catalonia. The map is highly detailed, identifying cities, rivers, mountains, castles, ports and other features. Two sea monsters are shown in the upper right corner, along with a sailing ship..
Location: 1636
Amsterdam, after 1636 - 382 x 487 mm.
Decorative map of the region which includes the city of Pamplona at the centre of the map, Bayonne and San Sebastian. Highly decorative figured cartouche bottom left. Four crests and a large coat of ..
Location: 1636
Amsterdam, after 1636 - 375 x 485 mm.
Decorative map of Spain. Decorate by a fine title cartouche. No text on verso. From a French composite atlas...
Location: 1637
Amsterdam, 1637 - 439 x 550 mm.
Shows cities of Saragossa and Pamplona. Dedication to a list of worthies, deputies of the king in Aragon by Henricus Hondius. Based on a map by the Portuguese mapmaker Juan Bautista Labana (1555-1624)..
Location: 1637
Amsterdam, 1637 - 379 x 494 mm.
A fine copy decorated with the Arms of both States and the figure of a surveyor. Extending from the Straits of Gibraltar to Alicante as far inland as the Guagalquivir valley and Seville and the coast ..
Location: 1637
Amsterdam, 1637 - 377 x 484 mm.
Decorative map of the Spanish Province Asturias, Castile and Léon, including the towns of Oviedo, Leòn, Santander, Valladolid, etc. With two fine title cartouches...
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 380 x 490 mm.
Features the province of Andalucia and the city of Seville, but also depicts the Straights of Gibraltar, know in classical times as the Pillars of Hercules. Córdoba, Málaga and Ronda are shown. The t..
Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 379 x 4892 mm.
A nice example of Janssonius map of region centered on Bilbao and extending from S. Andero to Calgurris and Baiona. Shows cities of Bilbao and Laredo, and includes a charming vignette of a putti with ..
Location: 1680
Paris, ca. 1680 - 108 x 153 mm.
Decorative print of the area around Blanes, in Catalonia. Engraved by Pérelle. Embellished with a compass rose...
Location: 1690
Amsterdam, 1690 - 378 x 487 mm.
Centred on Pamplona. Orientated west to the top...
Location: 1710
Amsterdam, 1710 - 492 x 582 mm.
Decorative map showing the siege of Gibraltar during the Spanish war of succession. This highly interesting map is richly ornated with three additional inset maps and views. The map provides informati..
Location: 1726
Marseille, 1715-1726 - 470 x 690 mm.
The chart covers Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. Includes San Lucar de Barameda, Rota, Cape Trafalgar, Ceuta, Tangiers, Tarife (Tarifa) Gibraltar, Puerto Santa Maria and the hills of Medina Sidonia..
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