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Austria towns

Location: 1575
Cologne, 1575 - 340 x 425 mm.
One of the earliest detailed birds-eye town-plans of Innsbruck. The fortified city nestles in the impressive mountainous alpine Inn Valley. In the foreground is a couple in costume whilst a barge is b..
Location: 1690
Antwerp, c.1690 - 114 x 255 mm.
Magnificent bird's eye-town-view of Vienna with the river Danube in the back. Etched by Gaspar Bouttats (1640-1695).The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published ca. 1690 a series of prints re..
Location: 1750
Paris, ca. 1750 - 270 x 400 mm.
Showing "Palais de Visendic" and Royal academy for painting and sculpture in Paris. J. Chereau was a publisher of optical prints, established in Paris, rue St.Jacques.In the eighteenth and nineteenth..
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