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France general

Location: 1566
Zurich, Christoffel Froschover, 1548,1552-1566 - 285 x 408 mm.
Very early wood cut printed map of France, North of river Rhine, Northern Italy. Coast of England from Dover to Cornwall. A ship, sea monsters and coats of arms are filling the sea's.Originally engrav..
Location: 1606
Amsterdam, 1606 - 375 x 488 mm.
Uncommon map of France.Mercator was born in Rupelmonde in Flanders and studied in Louvain under Gemma Frisius, Dutch writer, astronomer and mathematician. The excellence of his work brought him the pa..
Location: 1625
Londres, 1625 - 154 x 200 mm.
The rare Samuel Purchas' edition of the Mercator/Hondius "Atlas Minor" atlas map. Early map of France published in his famous collection of voyages "His Pilgrimes". With descriptive text in English on..
Location: 1626
Londres, 1626 - 400 x 520 mm.
Carte-à -figures surmontée de vues de villes de France : Angiers, Poictiers, Orléans, Paris, Roan, Rochelle, Bordeaux et Calis, ornée de chaque côté de personnages représentant les différentes classes..
Location: 1631
Amsterdam, 1631 - 495 x 365 mm.
Très belle carte de France par H. Hondius ornée d'une rose des vents, de navires, de monstres marins, en bas à gauche d'un grand cartouche de titre richement décoré et en haut à droite des armoiries d..
Location: 1634
Amsterdam, 1634 - 380 x 495 mm.
The map was first published with figured borders (1607). When Blaeu needed a folio size map of France for his first atlas (Appendix 1631) he cut off the borders. The same narrow ornamental frame was e..
Location: 1635
Amsterdam, 1635 - 395 x 500 mm.
A very decorative map with countries of ancient france prepared by Abraham Ortelius and published by one of the most famous map publishers...
Location: 1640
Paris, 1640 - 400 x 517 mm.
One of the first post route maps of France, radiating around a few major centers --- Paris, Lyon, Rouen, Toulouse, Bordeaux --- and decorated with figured borders. In top a panoramic view of Paris an..
Location: 1641
Paris, 1641 - 411 x 513 mm.
An early imprint of this fine map showing the rivers of France, prepared by Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667).This edition carries the date 1641 and was published by Melchior Tavernier.Nicolas Sanson was to ..
Location: 1643
Paris, 1643 - 411 x 526 mm.
Decorative map of France with a ornamental title cartouche lower left corner. Prepared by Nicolas Sanson...
Location: 1643
Paris, 1643 - 401 x 520 mm.
Decorative map of XVIIth century with a ornamental title cartouche lower left corner...
Location: 1650
Paris, ca.1650 - 440 x 572 mm.
Major cities, towns, waterways, mountains and islands are located. Showing southern part of Great-Britain and northern part of Spain. Very nice and decorative title cartouche lower left. Sanson, the l..
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