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Picardy towns

Location: 1655
Francfort / Main, 1655 - 135 x 305 mm.
Two views printed on two separate plates of Abbeville and Amiens with its Cathedral in Picardy, France.Abbatis Villa" (rural domaine of the abbey) is quoted for the first time in the year 831 as being..
Location: 1655
Francfort/Main, 1655 - 185 x 290 mm.
A panoramic view of the ancien romanesque town of Laon in Picardie. Very well engraved with excellent detail. The city contains many medieval buildings. The most important of these is the cathedral No..
Location: 1835
Paris, 1835 - 560 x 820 mm.
Feuille 12 de la carte d'État-major de la guerre au 1/80.000° rédigée et gravée au Dépôt général de la Guerre sous la direction de Lt. Gal. Pelet, et publiée en 1835 Amiens and Douillens...
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