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Location: 1897
Paris, 1866-1897 - 800 x 560 mm.
Copper engraved plan centered on Louvre by Jean-Joseph Sulpis (1826–1911) after a model by Adolphe Berty. Plate 5 from "Topographie historique du vieux Paris". The publication was started by Adolphe ..
Location: 1910
Amsterdam, ca. 1910 - 225 x 344 mm.
Etching of the Notre-Dame bridge over the Seine, with the Notre Dame and stalls of booksellers on the quay.By W.A. Grondhout (1878-1934), signed on the plate and with lead pencil by the artist...
Location: aris
Paris - 215 x 320 mm.
View of "La Place de Loüis le grand ou des conquestes" in Paris, published by I. Mariette. Showing the statue of Louis XIV in the center...
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