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Founded in 1945, the French Syndicate of Professional Experts in Works of Art and Collectibles (SFEP) is the oldest of the organizations representing our profession of an expert in works of art. Around a demanding code of ethics, it ensures the cohesion of its members in various and complementary activities.

Exclusively made up of independent expert professionals, whose competence is unanimously recognized, the Syndicate now has 127 members in 42 specialties. Many of them, also legal experts, are registered with a Court of Appeal, or even with the Customs or Estate Administration. Each in his specialty offers, in France and abroad, his services to collectors and amateurs, to heirs, donees of works of art, to justice or to museums for any advice, any expertise and any presentation of objects. on sale at public auction.

Scientific managers of the catalogs which make the reputation of French public sales, the experts, unlike the practice abroad, vouch for their expertise and descriptions which fully engage their responsibility and their credibility. The membership of an expert in SFEP, subject to strict criteria of competence and experience, alone offers a guarantee in the face of the regrettable deregulation of the title of expert in France. The new laws governing the art market, the abolition of auctioneers in matters of voluntary sales and their replacement by sales companies highlight the preponderant role of experts, the only players in combining knowledge of objects with that of their specialty market.

Today more than ever, they are the privileged interlocutors, consultable without an intermediary.