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Celestial chart

Location: 1650
Germany ?, c. 1650 - 430 x 349 mm.
Probably by the Vienna astronomer Melchior Klayber who used the Copernican precession theory, which is closely connected with the chart (Ptolemy - 6° 40' and Ptolemy - 55° epoche).In counting the tota..
Location: 1660
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1660 - 417 x 512 mm.
A celestial chart showing a large globe centered on Australia and the Pacific, with California as an island, South East Asia, encircled by the zopdiacal band according to Ptolemy. In corners decorativ..
Location: 1683
Paris, 1683 - 143 x 101 mm.
Appealing print depicting an armillary sphere.From the French text edition of Description d'Univers.. (5 volumes), 1683. By Allain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706), a well travelled military engineer and g..
Location: 1747
Nuremberg, 1747 - 490 x 585 mm.
Magnificent celestial chart drawn by the famous scientist Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr.Large circular charts of the southern hemisphere constellation, with decorative vignettes of celestial monsters and ..
Location: 1750
Augsburg, 1750 - 557 x 487 mm.
A very decorative double hemisphere celestial chart, centered on the North and South Poles, with smaller circular diagrams illustrating the theories of Tycho, Ptolemy, Landsbergen and Copernicus, two ..
Location: 1764
Paris, 1764 - 480 x 590 mm.
Map printed in two colours, black for the stars, red for the constellation figures. With later colour addition.Uncommon large-scale celestial chart of the southern hemisphere calculated for the year 1..
Location: 1780
Nuremberg, c.1780 - 117 x 125 mm.
Uncommon celestial print showing the constellation of Delphinus, published by C.Thomas in the Mercurii philosophici firmamentum firmianum descriptionem et usum globi artificialis coelestis. Individual..
Location: 1783
Paris 1783 - 213 x 270 mm.
A rare print showing 15 globes, each globe showing different zones published by Monhare for his Atlas Général a l'usage des colleges et maisons d'education.. Underneath 15 blocks with explanatory. Lou..
Location: 1820
Paris, 1820 - 470 x 510 mm.
Each print with an extensive key. Prepared by Sigismond Visconti. Engraved by A.Gianni. The following titles are included: Système Solaire (No.1), Orbite de la Révolution annuelle de la Terre autor du..
Location: 1822
Milan c.1822 - 610 x 740 mm.
Decorative large double hemisphere celestial chart, centred on the north and south poles with descriptive key to zodiac signs in German, French and Italian. Showing stars from the first till fifth siz..
Location: 1854
Paris, 1854 - 468 x 585 mm.
Colourful astronomical chart showing the annual succession of seasons, from winter to spring. Notes the positions of the earth during the Solstices and Equinoxes. Closer to the Sun are the orbits of V..
Location: 581.
Antwerp, 1581 - 245 x 172 mm.
Fourth French edition (first French collective edition), considerably enlarged with the double-page truncated cordiform world map "Charte cosmographique", in use since 1553 printed from the second blo..
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