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Celestial chart

Location: 1854
Colourful astronomical chart showing the annual succession of seasons, from winter to spring. Notes the positions of the eart..
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Location: 1650
Probably by the Vienna astronomer Melchior Klayber who used the Copernican precession theory, which is closely connected with..
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Location: 581.
Fourth French edition (first French collective edition), considerably enlarged with the double-page truncated cordiform world..
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Location: 1780
Uncommon celestial print showing the constellation of Delphinus, published by C.Thomas in the Mercurii philosophici firmament..
Location: 1660
A celestial chart showing a large globe centered on Australia and the Pacific, with California as an island, South East Asia,..
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Location: 1747
Magnificent celestial chart drawn by the famous scientist Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr.Large circular charts of the southern hem..
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Location: 1683
Appealing print depicting an armillary sphere.From the French text edition of Description d'Univers.. (5 volumes), 1683. By A..
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Location: 1783
A rare print showing 15 globes, each globe showing different zones published by Monhare for his Atlas Général a l'usage des c..
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Location: 1764
Map printed in two colours, black for the stars, red for the constellation figures. With later colour addition.Uncommon large..
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Location: 1822
Decorative large double hemisphere celestial chart, centred on the north and south poles with descriptive key to zodiac signs..
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Location: 1750
A very decorative double hemisphere celestial chart, centered on the North and South Poles, with smaller circular diagrams il..
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Location: 1820
Each print with an extensive key. Prepared by Sigismond Visconti. Engraved by A.Gianni. The following titles are included: Sy..
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