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Continent asiatique

135 HONDIUS,J. Asiae Nova Descriptio.. Amsterdam, 1613. In original colours. Paper browning as usual. Repair of centerfold. With some slight colour addition. 373 x 501 mm.
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¤ Several sources appear to have been used in the compilation of this map, including the Portuguese Jesuits Luis Teixeira (1595) for Japan, and Luis Jorgede Barbuda (1584) for details of China. Korea is depicted as an island. Recent discoveries of Barentsz. are cited. Parts of America and New Guinea are shown.

136 CHIQUET, J. L' Asie Dressée Selon les Observations de Mrs. De l' Academie Royale des Sciences.. Paris 1719. Original o/l colour. A good and dark impression. Paper slightly age-toned. Mounted on an engraved text sheet giving an historical and geographical explanation. 165 x 223 mm.
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¤ Delightful little map of Asia that conforms to the standard French model of the period. Hokkaido is attached to the mainland and Terre de Iesso is off the coast partially obscured by the title cartouche.
The map does not follow any particular cartographer and Chiquet has made a concerted effort not to represent theoretical cartography. A note along the northeastern coastline translates "this coast and its outline have never been well known."
From Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et Historique.. by Jacques Chiquet.
Mounted on an engraved French text sheet entitled Description Abregé de l'Asie.

137 HOMANN, Héritiers. Asia Secundum.. Nuremberg, c. 1744. Original attractive colours. Water stained faded colours in addional title in upper banner. In good condition. 492 x 541 mm.
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¤ The cartouches are painted in strong and a somewhat impressionistic way. Varnish is used for the dark shadow areas to highlight the colours. Clearly from an show-piece atlas produced for a wealthy merchant or nobleman, in so-called "Fürsten kolorit". Maps published in Germany during the 18th century are usually in body colours, with uncoloured cartouches. Rare in this condition and colours. Prepared by Johann Matthias Haas (1684-1742) who produced a number of continental and regional maps for Homann Heirs in the middle years of the 18th century. The coastal waters of Japan remain a little haphazard with Hokkaido -Terra Efo, Yedso ou Yesfo- still attached to the mainland. Tibet, which is named, dears the alternative title of "Dalai Lammae". The splendid title cartouche features a seated female courtesan, with a smoking incense burner on her lap; to the right an Amazon plucks an arrow from her quiver, while some sort of saurian lurks in the background. This edition with extra "Avec Priv" added to title across the top border. - Sweet, Asia 131.

138 VON REILLY, F.J.J. Karte von Asien. Vienne, 1795. Coloured. Plano sheet edition. In very good condition. Wide margins. 472 x 629 mm.
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¤ An attractive map of Asia. With a decorative title cartouche in the upper left-hand corner. Engraved by A.Amons. Franz Johann Josef von Reilly (Vienna 18 august 1766 - 6 july1820) was active as geographer, journalist, book and art dealer. In 1792 he created his "geographical Komptoir" and was extremely prolific, producing no less than 830 maps. In 1796 he published his large "Deutscher Atlas" which was the first world atlas produced by an Austrian. His "Allgemeiner Post atlas" (1799) was the first post route atlas at all. As a writer von Reilly became particularly famous by his "Sinngedichte" and his poetic work "Noradin" (1813), which falsely is often attributed to J. J. Polt. In this map the Bering Straits are named Cooks Strasse, marking Cook's third voyage (1776-1780). Further south, the Aleutian chain is clearly recognizable, but the size of its constituent island is greatly exaggerated. In the north-west, Novaya Zemlya is correctly represented as two islands. - Sweet, Mapping the continent of Asia, 213.

139 LEVASSEUR. V. Asia. Paris, 1850. Col. In good condition. 289 x 439 mm.
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¤ A very decorative 19th century map of Asia. The map is surrounded by vignettes, portraits, animals, vegetation, etc..

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