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Location: 1760
English, ca. 1750-1760 - 143 x 295 mm.
The fan shows Cleopatra at the Gates of Alexandria, where she welcomes Julius Caesar who came to visit her in 48BC. Her suite is made up of soldiers and maids. The arrival in Alexandria of Julius Caes..
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Location: 1770
France, ca. 1770 - 275 x 280 mm.
Folded fan, with painted in gouache a ship pulled by two horses. On board, a large company, among others joining them while fishermen watch the scene.Reverse painted with an exotic flower. Monogram "S..
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Location: 1790
Paris, 1790 - 265 x 500 mm.
Folding fan made of skin sheet and mounted in English style, with a painted gallant scene at the bird cage.Painted verso of a man among ancient ruins.Beautiful ivory mounting finely perforated, carved..
Location: 1880
China, 1880 - 270 x 515 mm.
Folding fan made of sheet paper, gouache painting depicting a lively garden of a dignitary and servants whose costumes are silk applied (in relief), the heads of the characters are in ivory.The back ..
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