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Location: 1493
Published: Nuremberg, 1493
Size: 392 x 575 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: Skillfully restored at the bottom corners. On the right side some paper thinness. Small area ca. 1-3 mm part on the left side ( eg.: letter "B" in the world BRITANICA and some part on the lover right corner are replaced or redrawn in a professional way. Overall nice example.
Map of Northern Europe and centered on Poland. First issue, with Latin text colophon and date on verso. The map is deemed to ..
Location: 1584
Published: Amsterdam, 1584
Size: 605 x 525 mm.
Color: In original colours with refreshments.
Condition: Dutch text on verso. Some browning, foxing. A few worm holes filled in. The Europe chart is larger than the other charts in the atlas, as often the case the lower margin is trimmed affecting part of the grade scale. Dark impression.
This general chart of north-western Europe and the surrounding coastal waters is from the rare pilot-guide De Spiegel der Zee..
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Location: 1676
Published: London, 1627 - 1676
Size: 392 x 517 mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: Good impression. Repair of split next to lower part center fold, 15cm. into engraved area. Paper browned.
A good impression from an early edition of this famous and decorative cartes-a-figures from the first world atlas produced by..
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Location: 1700
Published: Paris, 1700
Size: 463 x 599 mm.
Color: In attractive original colours.
Condition: In very good. Some paper thinness on old folds. Backed with very thin Japan paper for protective reason. Paper size : 1395 x 1510mm.
A rare and monumental wall map of Europe, with original outline colour, of four joined sheets, surrounded by text and vignett..
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Location: 1788
Published: Paris, Mondhare, 1788
Size: 965 x 1230 mm.
Color: Original outline colours.
Condition: Carte imprimée en 4 feuilles jointes montées sur toile (entoilage récent). Infimes rousseurs, papier uniformément jauni, anciens trous d'encadrement au pourtour. Coloris d'époque aux limites légèrement oxydé. - Printed on four sheets. Joined and monted on canvas. Paper slightly browned. Some minor localized staining and foxing. Some pin holes due to ancient mounting on a frame. Outlines colour slightly oxidized.
Carte murale entourée d'une superbe bordure dans le style Rococo, constituée de 20 scènes historiques décrivant l’avènement d..
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Location: 1850
Published: Paris, 1850
Size: 310 x 430 mm.
Color: In original o/l colours.
Condition: In very good condition.
While the map itself is quite simple without a great deal of detail, the surrounding engravings make this one of the most dec..
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