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Location: 1788
Uncommon and decorative wall map of Europe, prepared by Clouet. Superb decoration including a wonderful rococo border with vi..
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Location: 1762
Map of ancient Roman Empire. Two distance scales.Left and right a box with geographical information for Europe.Prepared by Bu..
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Location: 1850
While the map itself is quite simple without a great deal of detail, the surrounding engravings make this one of the most dec..
Location: 1875
Large and rare map of Europe, prepared by A.T. Chartier and published by Auguste Logerot who was a French publisher active f..
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Location: 1628
General map of Europe, as well as Americae Pars, Greenland, Iceland, a Polar landmass, along with the mythical islands of Fri..
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Location: 1855
Map of Europe. From Sidney E. Morse''s: System of Geography for the use of schools , published by Harper and brothers, 329 P..
Location: 1852
Fine manuscript map of Europe with relief shown pictorially. Signed by the author in the lower right corner.Lower left Juille..
Location: 1493
Map of Northern Europe and centered on Poland. First issue, with Latin text colophon and date on verso. The map is deemed to ..
Location: 676
A good impression from an early edition of this famous and decorative "carte à figures"- map from the first world atlas produ..
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Location: 1584
This general chart of north-western Europe and the surrounding coastal waters is from the rare pilot-guide De Spiegel der Zee..
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Location: 1700
A rare and monumental wall map of Europe, with original outline colour, of four joined sheets, surrounded by text and vignett..
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