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Location: 1666
Published: Amsterdam, 1666
Size: 450 x 540mm.
Color: Coloured.
Condition: On double-ply paper as issued. Paper very mildly age-toned, as usual. A good and dark impression.
An eye-catching chart of Scandinavia, including Russia, with west to the topPieter Goos (ca. 1616-1675) was one of the most i..
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Location: 1666
Published: Amsterdam, 1666
Size: 430 x 540mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: In good condition.
Detailed pair of sea charts of Norway, Finland, Iceland, Spitsbegen and part of Scotland in old color. The chart includes a d..
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Location: 1666
Published: Amsterdam, after 1666
Size: 519 x 586mm.
Color: In attractive strong original colours.
Condition: A good and dark impression. Some winkles next to center fold.<br /><b>Cartouche, town spots are lavishly heightened with gold !</b> and figures in title cartouche coloured in grisaille. Margins very mildly browned.
An eye-catching chart of northern Europe with coastline from northern Russia to the Dutch English Channel in the south. North..
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Location: 1827
Published: Brussels, 1825-1827
Size: 480 x 560mm.
Color: Original colours.
Condition: Lithography, in original colours. Plano edition. A few light brown stains. Very good condition.
Detailed map including part of Norway and Sweden, including west coast of Finland.From his famous Atlas Universel . This atla..
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