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Medieval manuscript leaves

Location: 1200
France, ca.1200 - 245 x 160 mm.
Painted scene of the Poisoned cup of Saint John. The biblical story goes that the Emperor Diocletian offered St. John a cup of poisoned wine. He survived because he blessed the wine before he put it t..
Location: 1250
Paris, ca. 1250 - 230 x 160 mm.
51 lines of text in two columns, finely written in a minute gothic book hand.VERSO: two 3-line capitals "R" and "N", in burnished gold on red and blue grounds. The illumination extending into the side..
Location: 1280
England, c. 1280 - 179 x 132 mm.
Very fine illuminated leaf from a liturgical Psalter in Latin with the reading from the Vulgate Bible, Deuteronomy 32:16 - 32:27. Lines in a slightly irregular gothic hand, black ink, plummet ruling. ..
Location: 1300
France, ca.1300 - 150 x 100 mm.
Painted scene of the stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi during which one of his prayers he got the impression of the stigmata, marks similar to those of the five wounds of Christ Crucified. Bel..
Location: 1450
Paris, c. 1450 - 155 x 109 mm.
Vellum leaf from a French or Flemish breviary with decoration typical of the scriptoria of northern France, the penwork is very similar to penwork of Holland, though the the script is more southern. T..
Location: 1450
Flandres, 1450 - 163 x 115 mm.
Scatter border of flowers. Borders of very high quality, executed by an artist of the Ghent-Bruges school.VERSO: 19 lines of Dutch text in brown ink. A 6-lines capital "G" and two 2-lines and four 1-..
Location: 1460
Flanders, ca. 1460 - 166 x 121 mm.
15 lines of text in a large gothic bookhand, in dark brown ink. three 1-line initials in burnished gold with blue penwork into the margin, and three 1-line initials in blue with contrasting red penwor..
Location: 1470
France, ca.1470 - 100 x 80 mm.
Small leaf on vellum from a manuscript Book of Hours with 14 lines of text in Latin and four 1-line initials in blue on coloured grounds with line filler. VERSO : 14 Lines of text in Latin and four 1-..
Location: 1512
Paris, G. Hardouin, 1512 - 218 x 136 mm.
RECTO: Two 2-line and two 1-line initials in liquid gold on coloured grounds. Miniature with Saint Anne. Decorative panel border in he right and lower margins.VERSO: One 2-line initial and four 1-line..
Location: 1520
Sevilla, ca.1520 - 490 x 360 mm.
A leaf from a Medieval Antiphonal or Choir Missal for Spanish use, in Latin on extremely heavy vellum. Justification: 360x246mm. Text is in Spanish rounded gothic hand (Rotunda) and of music on a stav..
Location: 1901
Vitré, 1901 - 153 x 128 mm.
Book of hours made in the monastery of Vitré in France (Bretagne), which monastery closed in 1975. Each of the 102 pages is decorated with a different border. Each page is decorated with a illuminated..
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