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Location: 1595
Anvers, 1595 - 359 x 512 mm.
A splendid map of ancient Egypt, which appeared in Ortelius' Parergon. The map is based on his separately published map of Egypt, published in 1565, but with differences in the delineation. Dedicated ..
Location: 1690
Antwerp, c.1690 - 95 x 260 mm.
Magnificent bird's eye-town-view of Alexandria in Egypt. Etched by Gaspar Bouttats (1640-1695).The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published ca. 1690 a series of prints related to the Habsburg..
Location: 1690
Antwerp, c.1690 - 105 x 255 mm.
Magnificent bird's eye-town-view of the springs of Marah. Landscape with several small ponds and people collecting water in foreground, a caravan on a road between two mountains in background, the Red..
Location: 1760
Augsbourg, 1760 - 483 x 598 mm.
Scarce. A splendid map of ancient Egypt. West is at the top and the Nile bisects Egypt. A inset shows modern Egypt to good detail. With the Red Sea and part of the Arabian Peninsular. Fine cartouche ..
Location: 1864
Londres, 1855 / 1864 - 527 x 750 mm.
Very detailed map of northern part of Egypt and part of Palestine. Including the towns of Cairo, Suez, Jerusalem, Gaza and Acra. Railway is marked in red the proposed Suez canal in blue.James Wyld (th..
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