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Location: 1893
Paris, ca. 1893 - 610 x 450 mm.
Original lithographed poster created by the artist Abel Brun for Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes, showing a vessel named Annam. Printed by Eugene Marx & Cie., Paris. Les Messageries Maritimes Comp..
Location: 1895
London, 1895 - 1330 x 850 mm.
Lithographed poster signed Isolde by Aubrey Beardsley in the Art Nouveau manner. Printed by Gallery five. In the tales of King Arthur, the knight Tristan and the Irish princess Isolde were bound toget..
Location: 1895
Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, 1895 - 560 x 375 mm.
Original chromo lithographed medium size poster, "Quinquina Dubonnet, apéritif dans tous les cafés", by CHERET, signed in the plate. Supplement to "Courrier Français", of June 16, 1895.One of the many..
Location: 1912
Paris, 1912 - 545 x 385 mm.
French poster printed by 'les Ateliers Clérice'. The Dollar Princess is a musical in three acts by A. M. Willner and Fritz Grünbaum (after a comedy by Gatti-Trotha), adapted into English by Basil Hood..
Location: 1920
Paris, 1920 - 1200 x 800 mm.
Original lithograph poster printed by Devambez Paris for Société Centrale des Banques de Province and signed by L. Dappe. The poster illustrates the coats of arms of different French regions, placed o..
Location: 1920
Paris, ca. 1920 - 990 x 620 mm.
Vintage Railway Travel Poster - Luxeuil les Bains, for the department Haute-Saône. Printed by Hachard Paris..
Location: 1934
Shanghai, 1934 - 750 x 500 mm.
Original vintage Chinese poster for "GANDE, PRICE & CO. LTD., based in Hong Kong, promoting Haig Whisky (from Scotland), Moet & Chandon, Taylor’s London Dry Gin and others. The poster was probably re..
Location: 1935
Mexico, ca. 1935 - 972 x 733 mm.
Unusual poster for Mexican tourism, published by Asociacion Mexicana de Turismo, The artist is unknown and the design is surreal and modern at the same time.The popularity and prestige of Mexican art..
Location: 1935
Paris, G. de la Vasselais, 1935 - 1000 x 615 mm.
Advertising poster for PLM created by the French artist Léo Lelée . " Sur la route triomphante d'Arles aux Baux " . " A Fontvieille visitez le moulin et le musée Alphonse Daudet" ...
Location: 1937
Paris, 1937 - 1000 x 615 mm.
Promoting poster for the International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris in 1937, made by Beaudoin - Lods and printed by Imp. Jules Simon. S.A. Paris, on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and I..
Location: 1941
England, 1941 - 505 x 760 mm.
Original vintage World War Two period British Empire trade map poster with the stylised text in Spanish reading: For more than two centuries the British fleets have kept the oceans safe for peaceful t..
Location: 1948
Zurich, 1948 - 1013 x 640 mm.
An original Swiss travel poster for St. Moritz, 1948, lithograph in colour on paper, depicting a smiling yellow sun skiing (the symbol of the Engadine region of Switzerland, where St Moritz is located..
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