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Location: 1624
The Hague, 1624 - 293 x 420 mm.
Extremely rare map of Salvador and Baia de Todos os Santos (Bay of Saints) published by the The Hague publisher Henricus Hondius (not to confuse with the Amsterdam H.Hondius, which is often done !). T..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 385 x 493 mm.
A mint copy of this map by Krystof Arciszewski, a Polish general who worked for the Dutch West Indian Company. The map perpetuates various myths including the Parime Lago , although it is generally mo..
Location: 1658
Amsterdam, 1658 - 549 x 633 mm.
Rare chart of the Atlantic Ocean, from the first edition of Hendrick Doncker's Zee-Atlas, of which no surviving example is known.Although the idea of its unusual coverage is derived from the Theunis J..
Location: 1683
Paris, 1683 - 145 x 102 mm.
Interesting early map of Brazil. The wild inland as for example, the later state of Mato grosso, still unexplored. The eastern border of Brazil is called Terre Inconnue.From the French text edition of..
Location: 1719
Paris, 1719 - 414 x 533 mm.
Uncommon issue of this fine map of Brazil prepared by Nicolas de Fer, issued by Guillaume Danet.Originally published in atlas Atlas Curieux by N. de Fer in 1700-05, at his dead the copper plates were ..
Location: 1750
Brésil, c.1750 - 300 x 460 mm.
English manuscript chart on paper of a bay on Fernando de Noronha. Many names in English, to the lower left This draft is extremely Erroneous.Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocea..
Location: 1790
Venice, Antonio Zatta, c.1790 - 255 x 170 mm.
Full portrait of a Brazilian hunter. From "Raccolta di ? stampe." a series of historically significant eighteenth-century copper plate engravings by Venetian engraver Theodoro Viero (1740-1819). Datin..
Location: 1825
Paris, 1825 - 455 x 610 mm.
A nice detailed map of Brazil from Buchon's Atlas Gégraphique Statistique, historique et chronologique des deux Ameriques et des isles adjacentes traduit de l'atlas exécuté en Amerique d'aprés Lesage,..
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