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Location: 1692
Venice 1692 - 455 x 610 mm.
A most attractive and decorative map by Vincenzo Coronelli. An elaborate central title cartouche garlanded with intertwined flowers and dedicated to the Fontaine of the Society of Jesus. The de..
Location: 1757
Paris, 1757 - 262 x 214 mm.
Map of Korea. The map is of interest for the use of East Sea, the sea between Korea and Japan, here called "Mer de Corée" and "Meer von Korea".From an uncommon German edition, with many text translate..
Location: 1868
Paris, 1868 - 630 x 910 mm.
Uncommon chart of the Han-Kang River from its mouth to Seoul, prepared in 1866 by order of C.A. ROZE, Commander-in-Chief of the French " la Station des Mers de Chine" and prepared by captain Bochet. ..
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