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Africa continent

Location: 1630
Amsterdam, 1630 - 373 x 501 mm.
An attractive map of the continent, added by Hondius when he took over publication of Mercator's Atlas. Although it is based on Mercator's map, Hondius improved the outline of Madagascar, and named Ca..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 410 x 550 mm.
Much of the geographical information is still based on the Ptolemaic maps, with the Nile shown with its source in the Lakes Zaire and Zaflan. Also included are various other mythical lakes and rivers ..
Location: 1669
London, 1669 - 300 x 410 mm.
A very fine example of Richard Blome's scarce map, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England.From his "Geographical Description Of The Four Parts Of The World." With in upp..
Location: 1739
Paris, 1739 - 1230 x 1345 mm.
A rare and monumental wall map of Africa, with original outline colour, of four joined sheets, surrounded by text and vignettes printed on separate sheets.Created in 1739 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II (16..
Location: 1785
Paris, 1785 - 965 x 1230 mm.
Rare. Uncommon and decorative "carte à figures"- wall map of Africa, prepared by Clouet. Surrounded with superb decoration, 170mm wide at the sides and 150mm at the bottom, including a wonderful rococ..
Location: 1790
Paris, 1790 - 282 x 480 mm.
Highly decorative map embellished with a landscape style title cartouche and several sailing ships.The interior of the continent contains little geographical information, as is typical of the period. ..
Location: 1819
Paris, J.Dezauche, 1819 - 487 x 628 mm.
The map is a rare re-issue of the Delisle map of 1722. In his first map of the continent in 1700, Delisle re-measured the Mediterranean, being the first to establish its correct longitude, and thus to..
Location: 1950
Paris, 1950 - 1040 x 740 mm.
Original pictorial lithographed advertising poster showing western part of Africa. Published by the French bank Crédit Lyonnais.Design by Lucien Boucher who is a famous commercial poster artist and il..
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