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Location: 1880
China, ca. 1880 - 220 x 195 mm.
Fine oriental miniature of an erotic scene of an Chinese couple engaged in amorous pursuit. Quin Dynasty, late 19th. century.This type of Chinese erotic paintings, usually anonymous, also called "pill..
Location: 1883
Nevers, Brussels, 1882,1883 - 235 x 140 mm.
A rare suite of 12 original etchings by Martin van Maele to the famous work by Edmond Haracourt. The series was published anonymously in a small edition. These etchings are among the most expressive b..
Location: 1900
India, ca. 1900 - 165 x 108 mm.
Fine miniature, presenting a couple in love making position. The miniature has been painted in India in late 19th - early 20th century. The miniature is 165 x 108 mm, painted in gouache on paper, fram..
Location: 1900
Iran, India, ca. 1900 - 220 x 195 mm.
SUPERB SET of eight remarkable free miniatures, presenting couples in natural decorations. The miniatures are painted in Iran or India in late 19th - early 20th century]. Each of the 8 miniatures are ..
Location: 1920
Paris, Priape, ca. 1920 - 235 x 170 mm.
First edition of this under cover published book with a collection of 20 poems celebrating "les fesses de la femme, ses lingeries et les plaisirs qu'on peut prendre soit avec une Messaline opulente et..
Location: 1931
Paris, Robert Telin. 1931 - 260 x 170 mm.
Illustrated title page and 12 coloured plates by Jean-Jacques Dubas, untrimmed copy with good margins, no foxing. One of 450 copies (N ° 385) on Vélin d'Arches...
Location: 1935
Paris, Gründ, 1935 - 235 x 170 mm.
Sought-after edition of the famous poems of the great French writer, in the called definitive, posthumous edition of 1868, to which the censored titles have been added. Illustrated with full colour pl..
Location: 1939
Paris, ca. 1939 - 115 x 185 mm.
With frontispiece: "In Paris, without the permission of Roy Louis-Philippe". One of the 300 copies printed on Montval vergé (our copy is numbered 68). With 8 engravings attributed to Jean Dulac (1902-..
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