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Location: 1612
Anvers, 1612 - 369 x 481 mm.
Fine general map of Poland. Rare; the second plate appearing in post-1595 edition of the Theatrum. Only used until 1612.Based on the now lost map of Waclaw Grodecki. Shows the Polish kingdom near its ..
Location: 1638
Amsterdam, 1638 - 415 x 507 mm.
Very decorative map of Poland embellished with two cartouches and two coats of arms surmounted by cherubs and female figures. Showing the region from the Oder east to Podlachia on the Bug. Also shows ..
Location: 1729
Leiden, 1729 - 290 x 362 mm.
Detailed map of Poland and Prussia. Published by Pieter van der Aa who published a.o. "Naauwkeurge versameling der gedenkwaardigste zee- en land-reysen", a series of accounts of voyages (1706-08) and ..
Location: 1780
Paris, 1773 - 1780 - 479 x 618 mm.
Large map of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and part of Ukraine. The map is filled with detail and decorated with a title cartouche flanked by mythological figures.According the title de l'Isle based his ..
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