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Virginia - Maryland - Carolina

Location: 1640
Amsterdam, 1640 - 383 x 505 mm.
Blaeu based this map on the Mercator-Hondius of 1606. A number of geographical improvements, however were incorporated, although two large fictions lakes accompanied by explanatory legends in Latin, s..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 375 x 482 mm.
The map is based on the first state of Smith's map, 1612, and is slightly larger and more expertly engraved. In 1629 the Hondius plate was purchased by Blaeu who deleted Hondius' name and added his ow..
Location: 1700
Amsterdam 1700 - 565 x 465 mm.
With small variations, this is a copy of Robert Morden's influential map, extending from Baye St.Matheo to just north of the Albermarle River. With a detail inset of the town of Charlestown which is, ..
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