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Location: 1571
Basle, Henri Petri, 1571 - 301 x 205 mm.
A few marginal annotations (pp. 109-111), in a 19th c. hand. Latin translation with a commentary by Wilhelm Holtzmann, also called Guglielmus Xylander. (1532-1576), librarian and professor of Greek at..
Location: 1592
Cologne, 1592 - 250 x 180 mm.
Early edition of this scarce atlas illustrated with an engraved frontispiece and 46 original hand coloured double-page maps (half of the map "Misniae" is missing) without text on verso. Bound with a m..
Location: 1664
Amsterdam, chez les héritiers de Jean Jansson, 1657 [après 1664 - 520 x 320 mm.
Edition en allemand de l'"Atlas maritime", Tome IX du "Novus Atlas Absolutissimus". Le volume comprend : 1 titre gravé superbement colorié et rehaussé d'or et 39 cartes (38 coloriées) dont 6 suppléme..
Location: 1672
Paris, P. Duval, ca. 1667-1672 - 142 x 90 mm.
Compilation of Duval's Pocket Atlas, with an archbishoprics and dioceses description of the world, here right at the beginning with the rare genealogical tables of various royal families, which origin..
Location: 1682
Paris, l'Auteur et Nicolas Langlois, 1682 - 160 x 950 mm.
Edition inconnue de Pastoureau. Cet atlas semble être le pendant de La Géographie Françoise de 1682 (Duval X E). Bel exemplaire, comprenant au total 38 blasons et 82 cartes en coloris d'époque. Les bl..
Location: 1697
Paris, 1697 - 137 x 177 mm.
First edition of Nicolas de Fer, Petit et Nouveau Atlas, was republished in 1705 and 1723. Maps engraved by C. Inselin, Jean Baptiste Lie ebaux, and H. v. Loon. Atlas consists of pictorial, engraved t..
Location: 1746
Paris, 1746 - 540 x 400 mm.
The present example of the Théâtre du monde is the reissue of 1746 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II. This scarce atlas is illustrated with 123 maps mostly double-page, in original outline colour.The panels f..
Location: 1748
Paris, Crépy, ca. 1748 - 240 x 138 mm.
Atlas illustré d'un titre gravé replié, d'une carte générale et de 34 cartes particulières repliées. Les cartes réunies (y compris le titre) forment une carte murale de la région.Provenance : Ex-libri..
Location: 1748
Augsbourg, 1748 - 205 x 170 mm.
A rare manual and containing geographical descriptions of all continents. Illustrated with 30 very finely engraved and coloured maps. The maps are engraved by Elias Baeck and all have very decorative ..
Location: 1750
Augsburg, ca. 1750 - 555 x 370 mm.
A made-to-order atlas based on his "Atlas Novus sive Tabulae Geographicae". Matthaus Seutter the elder first published his "Atlas Geographicus" in 1720 and added to the contents in subsequent editions..
Location: 1756
Paris, Le Rouge, Prault, Veuve Robinot, Briasson, 1756 - 225 x 185 mm.
Charming atlas with an engraved title, and 91 numbered and engraved double-page maps in orginal out line colours: spheres (3), world map (1), continents (5 maps including America in 2 maps), British I..
Location: 1764
Marseille, 1764 - 180 x 230 mm.
A reasonable example of this extended edition with 121 (rather than 65 charts) this practical pilot book, clearly intended for use on shipboard. Containing 121 sea charts on heavy paper in black and w..
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