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Paris, ca. 1675 - Book block 18.1 x 13.0 inches./ 46.0 x 33.0 cm.
Publisher: JOLLAIN, G. Title: ATLAS Published in: Paris, ca. 1675 Size: Book block 18.1 x 13.0 inches./ 46.0 x 33.0 cm. Condition: In-folio brown marbled calf, spine in 5 raised bands with gilt co..
Location: 1571
Basle, Henri Petri, 1571 - 301 x 205 mm.
A few marginal annotations (pp. 109-111), in a 19th c. hand. Latin translation with a commentary by Wilhelm Holtzmann, also called Guglielmus Xylander. (1532-1576), librarian and professor of Greek at..
Location: 1633
[Antwerp, c. 1633 - 445 x 185 mm.
A composite atlas comprising 18 double-page maps by or after Hessel Gerritsz, Theodor Galle, Gerard Mercator, Peter Verbiest, Claes Janszoon Visscher, Jan Baptist Vrients, Gerard de Jode and Abraham O..
Location: 1664
Amsterdam, chez les héritiers de Jean Jansson, 1657 [après 1664 - 520 x 320 mm.
Volume IX (Sea-Atlas) of the "Novus Atlas Absolutissimus". German text, letterpress title on slip within hand-coloured engraved architectural border, heightened in gilt, 39 maps are finely coloured b..
Location: 1672
Paris, P. Duval, ca. 1667-1672 - 142 x 90 mm.
Containing: 1.) Petites tables généalogiques touchant les droits et les interets des Princes. Paris: chez l'auteur o. J. (circa 1672). With double page engraved title and 13 engraved double page genea..
Location: 1697
Paris, 1697 - 137 x 177 mm.
First edition of Nicolas de Fer, Petit et Nouveau Atlas, was republished in 1705 and 1723. Maps engraved by C. Inselin, Jean Baptiste Lie ebaux, and H. v. Loon. Atlas consists of pictorial, engraved t..
Location: 1748
Paris, Crépy, ca. 1748 - 240 x 138 mm.
Pocket atlas illustrated with a folded engraved title, a general map and 34 folded maps. Including maps of the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany. The geographer J.A. Dezauche was the successor..
Location: 1748
Augsbourg, 1748 - 205 x 170 mm.
Rare atlas and containing geographical descriptions of all continents. Illustrated with 30 very finely engraved and beautifully coloured maps in attractive original strong colours.The maps are engrave..
Location: 1756
Paris, Le Rouge, Prault, Veuve Robinot, Briasson, 1756 - 225 x 185 mm.
Charming atlas with an engraved title, and 91 numbered and engraved double-page maps in orginal out line colours. The atlas starts by 36 pages text entitled 'Introduction à la géographie" (Introductio..
Location: 1770
Paris, chez Crépy rue S. Jacques à l'image S. Pierre, ca. 1770 - 174 x 215 mm.
This atlas, published in Paris, by Crépy at "rue S. Jacques à l'image S. Pierre,", is apparently unknown, as are the included maps. The maps are drawn by J.B. Nolin fils and are showing Europe, Asia,..
Location: 1779
Paris, 1732- 1779 - 580 x 375 mm.
Most of D'Anville's atlases were made up for the individual customer, so it appears that no two are alike. Many of the 70 pages are multisheet maps, so the actual map sheet count is 43. This set is ac..
Location: 1788
Paris, Dezauche, De L’Isle et Buache, ca. 1788 - 560 x 415 mm.
Interesting atlas printed during the French Revolution (1789-1799) by Ph. Dezauche. The title cartouche of the newly made map (6bis) "Carte de France, suivant sa nouvelle division en LXXXVIV départeme..
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