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Location: 1790
Atlas for the children with 24 maps of the World and continents and maps of European countries. Size of the maps: 13x17cm siz..
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Location: 581.
Fourth French edition (first French collective edition), considerably enlarged with the double-page truncated cordiform world..
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Location: 1827
Second edition of this fine travel companion illustrated with 16 very decorative maps, each map surrounded with local producs..
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Location: 1816
Large folio atlas containing 8 general one-sheet maps, and 8 detailed four-sheet maps: Containing2 World maps- "Mappe-monde s..
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Location: 1748
Pocket atlas illustrated with a folded engraved title, a general map and 34 folded maps. Including maps of the Netherlands, B..
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Location: 1779
Most of D'Anville's atlases were made up for the individual customer, so it appears that no two are alike. Many of the 70 pag..
Location: 1697
First edition of Nicolas de Fer, Petit et Nouveau Atlas, was republished in 1705 and 1723. Maps engraved by C. Inselin, Jean ..
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Location: 1822
Atlas illustré d'un titre manuscrit, d'un f. de table et de 47 cartes simples ou doubles. Les cartes figurent les côtes occid..
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Location: 1672
Containing: 1.) Petites tables généalogiques touchant les droits et les interets des Princes. Paris: chez l'auteur o. J. (cir..
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Location: 1748
Rare atlas and containing geographical descriptions of all continents. Illustrated with 30 very finely engraved and beautiful..
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Location: 1633
A composite atlas comprising 18 double-page maps by or after Hessel Gerritsz, Theodor Galle, Gerard Mercator, Peter Verbiest,..
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Location: 1890
Charmant atlas manuscrit illustré de 8 cartes et un trompe-l'œil finement coloriés à l'époque, représentant un planisphère, l..
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Location: 1664
olume IX (Sea-Atlas) of the "Novus Atlas Absolutissimus". German text, letterpress title on slip within hand-coloured engrav..
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Location: 1788
Interesting atlas printed during the French Revolution (1789-1799) by Ph. Dezauche. The title cartouche of the newly made map..
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Location: 1756
Charming atlas with an engraved title, and 91 numbered and engraved double-page maps in orginal out line colours. The atlas s..
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Location: 1863
Fine and curious atlas showing the rail road systems of France, Europe, England, United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain..
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Location: 1770
This atlas, published in Paris, by Crépy at "rue S. Jacques à l'image S. Pierre,", is apparently unknown, as are the included..
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Location: 1571
A few marginal annotations (pp. 109-111), in a 19th c. hand. Latin translation with a commentary by Wilhelm Holtzmann, also c..
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Publisher: JOLLAIN, G. Title: ATLAS Published in: Paris, ca. 1675 Size: Book block 18.1 x 13.0 inches./ 46.0 x 33.0 cm. C..
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