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British Isles

Location: 1621
Amsterdam, 1621 - 340 x 490 mm.
A rare and ornate map with inset portraits of James First, Henry Prince of Wales Princess Anne of Denmark.Janssonius acquired the copperplate of van den Keere's 1604 British Isles map following Orteli..
Location: 1657
Paris, 1641-1657 - 398 x 523 mm.
Fine map of the British Isles, in a second state. The map was first published by Tavernier and later by Mariette. This edition carries the date 1641, and address of Pierre Mariette; rue st.Jacques a ..
Location: 1665
Paris, 1665 - 400 x 505 mm.
Decorative map of British Isles with Rococo title cartouche...
Location: 1689
Paris, 1689 - 448 x 596 mm.
An attractive map centered on England, Wales and southern part of Scotland. The very decorative cartouche includes a dedication to Iacques II Roy d'Angleterre, d'Escosse et d'Irlande. The left side pr..
Location: 1698
Venise, 1698 - 865 x 590 mm.
A beautiful and flamboyantly engraved two sheet map of British Isles, including four large cartouches and table of counties, towns, etc. Shows towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, bays, churche..
Location: 1753
Paris, 1753 - 480 x 512 mm.
Decorative map of British Isles divided into the 7 ancient Heptarchies of the Saxons and also showing the more modern counties or shires. With Rococo title cartouche. Engraved by E.Haussard.Dated 1753..
Location: 1801
London, 1801 - 385 x 718 mm.
Bowles's new four-sheet map of England and Wales: Comprehending all the Cities, Boroughs, Market and Sea-Port Towns, Villages, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Ruins, Canals, and Principal Seats of the Nobilit..
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